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Graduate School Jargon PowerPoint Presentation
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Graduate School Jargon

Graduate School Jargon

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Graduate School Jargon

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  1. Graduate School Jargon created by

  2. Graduate School Jargon • The search of your dream career is very important because it defines the life in professional occupation. • Right start is essential in order to begin this journey with confidence. Students cannot make right decision if they don’t understand the programs that are offered to them.

  3. Graduate School Jargon • Additionally, there are lots of other things to think about when choosing graduate school. • In this article we will talk about the essential terms that you should know to make a right choice and understand the “talk” of schools and professors.

  4. Graduate School Jargon

  5. Fellowship

  6. Fellowship

  7. GRE • This abbreviation stands for the Graduate Record Examination. • This generalized examination in written in order to enter majority of graduate programs, so it is necessary to write it for admission.

  8. MCAT • This test is intended to demonstrate skills of individuals that want to pursue medical career. MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is required medical colleges and they are very important element of application success.

  9. GMAT • The term stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. This test is required by majority of business schools. If you are about to take this standardized test, you should be prepared to show your skills in English language and mathematics.

  10. LSAT • If you are trying to pursue medical career, you’ll have to take this standardized test to apply to law schools. The LSAT stands for the Law School Admissions Test.

  11. Personal Statement • This is a way to present yourself to admission committee so this is very important for your start in school. • Personal statement helps you to persuade those people why you are a great candidate to study in their institution. Personal Statement

  12. Personal Statement • Make sure you statement is perfect so they would no doubt to accept your application. Personal Statement

  13. Residency Requirement • Many colleges offer online programs for their students. • This requirement is intended to identify the amount of time which has to be spend on campus in case if program requires the student to attend college for some time. Residency Requirement

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