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Chinook Jargon

Chinook Jargon

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Chinook Jargon

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  1. Chinook Jargon David Hunt LING 455 May , 2006

  2. Native Multilingualism Trade (transportation routes) Slavery European Introduction Trade Fur Gold rush Decline: Economic shifts Reservations Negative stigma Development & Adaptation

  3. Geographic Spread

  4. Attempts at revival Preschool at Twah Sun Chako in Grand Ronde Wikipedia in Chinook Jargon: Courses Present State

  5. English mahlie (marry) dolla (dollar) doctin (doctor) kwatah (quarter) shuckwah (sugar) Nootka saia (far; “sky”) moolock (elk) French latate (head, top; la tête) lalang (tongue, language; la langue) seapo (hat; le chapeau) lawen (oats; l'avoine) Others kanaka (Hawaiian) Lexical Contributors

  6. Lexical Contributors

  7. Fort Vancouver Willamette Valley Reservations Never the only L1 Creolization

  8. Delate (straight, correct): Variation • delet (puget sound) • deleyt (2L learners) • dret (Grand Ronde) • drois (French)

  9. F,v,r -> p,b,l lacalat (carrot; "la carrotte") dly (dry) lope (rope) pish (fish) piah (fire) bahn-coo-bah (Vancouver) pit (bit) Diphthong simplification sill (sail) nem (name) shem (shame) Word-final consonants win (wind) pehpah (paper) livah (river) cole (cold) Phonological Approximations

  10. k’, kw, q, qw, k’, k’w, q’, q’w to k l to tl or kl Phonological Approximations

  11. Negation: wik/hilu nayka nanich wik nayka nanich I (don't) watch" Bareness of forms Tense particles Yes/no particle Prepositions Head initial kopa chek to kopachuck: “at the water” Compounding verbs mamuk isik - "to paddle" chako oleman – “to wear out” mamook haul - "to be carried” Unneeded “to be” Til nayka or Nayka til - "I am tired" Talapus yaka or Yaka talapus - "He's a coyote" Nouns have no s/p distinction Structure

  12. No conjugations – indicate person nayka nesayka mayka mesayka yaka klaska Nayka mash libal - "I throw a ball" na singular proclitics: ma ya Possession '-s' acceptable whiteman yaka chikchik - "whiteman his wagon" klootchman yaka man -"woman her man" Pronoun Usage

  13. Cash, Phil. Sources for Chinook Jargon, a Pacific Northwest Pidgin. University of Arizona, 2005 Shaw, George, The Chinook Jargon and How to Use It: A Complete and Exhaustive Lexicon of the Oldest Trade Language of the American Continent. Seattle: Rainier Printing Co., 1909 Holton, Jim, Chinook Jargon: The Hidden Language of the Pacific Northwest. San Leandro, California: Wawa Press, 2000 Cleven, Mike, Klahowya kopa Chinook Wawa: Piahtzumwawa Skookumklahwayhut. Bibliography