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802.15 Liaison Report

802.15 Liaison Report. Authors:. Date: 2012-05-18. Abstract. Liaison report on 802.15 as presented to 802.11. 802.15.4. Slide 3. Slide 3. Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics. 802.15.4e MAC amendments. Published. Slide 4. Slide 4. Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics. 802.15.4f RFID.

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802.15 Liaison Report

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  1. 802.15 Liaison Report Authors: Date: 2012-05-18 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  2. Abstract Liaison report on 802.15 as presented to 802.11 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  3. 802.15.4 Slide 3 Slide 3 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  4. 802.15.4eMAC amendments Published Slide 4 Slide 4 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  5. 802.15.4fRFID Published Slide 5 Slide 5 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  6. 802.15.4gSmart Utility Networks Published Slide 6 Slide 6 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  7. 802.15.4jMBAN First Initial WG ballot on IEEE 802.15.4j D1.0 closed April 27, 2012. Results: 99/10/7 90.83% 574 comments received: 266 technical, 296 editorial, 12 general Completed Coexistence Document Comment Resolution Resolved all PHY comments Resolved comments on 3 of 4 MAC features Agreement to modify Channel Switch to be based on Information Elements Applicable across multiple 802.15 groups Hoping to go out for recirculation WG ballot in July Slide 7 Slide 7 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  8. 802.15.4kLow Energy Critical Infrastructure Monitoring (LECIM) Review draft (15-12-0089-05) Hear presentations on participant's proposals to draft Discussion and recommendations for changes to draft Assignment of effort needed to complete draft Review and comment on coexistence document Discuss path forward Hoping to circulate draft internally in June Hoping to go out to initial WG ballot in July Slide 8 Slide 8 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  9. 802.15.4mTV White Space Heard 9 Preliminary Proposals Heard 2 Technical presentations Call for Final Proposals Due date: July 9, 2012 Present all Proposals: July meeting (San Diego) Slide 9 Slide 9 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  10. 802.15.4nChinese Medical Band First meeting as task group Drafted Call for Applications, to be issued soon Reviewed and updated the TG4n web page Reviewed project time line Slide 10 Slide 10 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  11. 802.15.4pPositive Train Control First meeting as task group Technical Guidance Document draft and review, approval Appoint chair Hear responses to the Call for Applications (15-11-0876-02) Issue call for proposals Discuss technical proposal phase beginning at July session Updated website Slide 11 Slide 11 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  12. 802.15.6 Wireless Body Area Networks Appeal will be heard in July during San Diego meeting Slide 12 Slide 12

  13. 802.15.8 Peer Aware Communications 10 Presentations on Applications & features of PAC Jinyoung Chun (LGE): Doc. 246r0 Igor Dotlic (NICT) : Doc. 251r0 Eldad Zeira (InterDigital): Doc. 230r1 Byung-Jae Kwak (ETRI): Doc. 227r1 Huan-Bang Li (NICT): Doc. 254r0 Marco Hernandez (NICT): Doc. 259r0 Seunggeun Jin (ETRI): Doc. 2551r0 Eldad Zeira, Qin Li (InterDigital): Doc. 272r0 Seunghoon Park (Samsung): Doc. 248r0 Cheol Ryu (ETRI): Doc. 287r0 Expect to go out for initial WG ballot March 2014 Slide 13 Slide 13 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  14. 802.15.9 Key Management Protocol Refine KMP transport mechanisms Work on trigger events Moved from data to command frames for transport Continue KMP technical presentations HIP IKEv2 Expect to go out for initial WG ballot March 2013 Slide 14 Slide 14 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  15. Ultra Low Power SG First meeting of study group Three presentations 15-12-0250-01-0ulp-2-4-ghz-ieee-802-15-4-chipsets-existing-next-generation.pptx 15-12-0260-00-0ulp-initial-discussion-par-5c.pptx 15-12-0258-00-0ulp-applications-of-ulp-wireless-sensors.pptx Worked on PAR Slide 15 Slide 15 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  16. Better Use of Spectrum Resources in WPANs IG Only meets in plenaries Slide 16 Slide 16 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  17. THz IG Only meets during plenaries Slide 17 Slide 17 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  18. WNG Two presentations Letter Ballot 81 Proposed MAC Features (15-12-0261-01) by R Krasinski (Philips) Channel Switch Notification Coordinator Switch Multi-Periodic GTS Association Proxy L2 Routing Demands for FAN (Field Area Networks) (15-12-0268-01) by Noriyuki Sato and Kiyoshi Fukui (OKI), Thomas Herbst (Silver Springs Networks) Straw poll conducted to show the amount of support in forming an interest group resulted with 18 willing to participate, IG was formed at closing plenary Slide 18 Slide 18 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

  19. References This document All Documents https://mentor.ieee.org/802.15/documents Current draft is in the members-only area http://www.ieee802.org/15  Members_Only_Area 802.11 members log in using 802.11 username and password Slide 19 Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics

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