the rule of thirds n.
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The Rule of Thirds PowerPoint Presentation
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The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds

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The Rule of Thirds

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  1. The Rule of Thirds Photo Composition

  2. Tic Tac Toe

  3. The Rule of Thirds When taking a picture, NEVER center your dominant object in the middle of the photo. Photo by Jason Priesmeyer

  4. Intersections The four areas where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect (circled in red) is where you want your dominant object in the photo to be placed. ColbieCalliat is the dominant object in the photo. Her body is on the left third, both left intersections are over her body-this is a well-composed photo.

  5. The Rule of Thirds has been applied to this picture. Answer the questions to the left of the photo. See if you’re right-answers at the bottom of the slide. I’m done talking take a minute to answer the following questions. • What is the dominant object in the picture? • Where is the dominant object placed? • Are the intersections of the lines on top of the center of the object? • Is this a well-composed picture? The slide will advance in 1 minute. Photo by Emily Priesmeyer 1.A fire hydrant, 2. center, 3. no, 4. no

  6. Quiz yourself! • Imagine that the Rule of Thirds lines are applied over this photograph. • What is the dominant object in the picture? • Where is the dominant object placed in the picture? • Would the intersections of the lines be on top of the dominant object? • Is this photo well-composed according to the Rule of Thirds? Why? • Because of the way the picture was taken, what can you see that you might not be able to see if the dominant object was in a different place? Photo by Emily Priesmeyer “Drunk driver” Corey Burgess, anxiously waits for AHS’s Shattered Dreams Drunk Driving Program to begin. Burgess and Erica Hardy(seen in the background) participated in the program to bring awareness of the horrors of drunk driving. Texas has the highest number of underage drunk driving deaths in the United States. A drunk teen driver dies on a Texas highway every 15 minutes.