the rule of thirds n.
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The Rule of Thirds PowerPoint Presentation
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The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds

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The Rule of Thirds

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  1. The Rule of Thirds Will Carter

  2. Shooting Vertical and Horizontal • When shooting a picture, try to experiment with the vertical and horizontal view your camera provides. When you find the right angle, or view, your composition could be much stronger then you thought.

  3. Choosing a Main Point of Interest • If you eliminate all of the distracting objects in the photos you take, you will make your photo much clearer and easier to pay attention to the main subject.

  4. Adjusting your Angle of View • Changing your angle will add or subtract the quality of your photo, it can make the image have more movement, and activity to it.

  5. Placing the Subject Off-Center • If the subject is off-center it is easier to pay attention to then if it was in the center, our eyes just happen to look at the sides and not the center, if its in the center I usually find my eyes looking at the background.

  6. Using Leading Lines • You can use natural and man made line to help draw your viewers eyes to your main subject, like a sidewalk or a group of trees in a line.

  7. Avoiding Distracting Backgrounds • Avoid distracting backgrounds especially when taking a portrait, distracting backgrounds are cluttered, bright, or just plain distracting.

  8. Including Foreground Objects • You can also include foreground as part of the composition, like having a person on a beach, and there are sand castles in the background that they made, it just adds to the composition.