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Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

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Rule of Thirds

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  1. Rule of Thirds The Rule of Thirds was the creation of painters in the Renaissance. The aim of this style of composition is to provide a bit of background in the photo, to allow the photo to tell a story. Renaissance painters found that the eye doesn't rest on the center of a photograph.

  2. Imagine the image being divided into nine equal parts by two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines.

  3. Simply the rule of thirds states that the object of attention should be placed at the intersection of the dividing lines. (Green dots) But you can also place the object along one of dividing lines.

  4. When applying rule of thirds the subject is placed into the intersection of the lines or close to it.

  5. In this picture the bird was positioned in the upper right hand corner so you could see the full shadow and most of the tracks that lead to the seagull. If it had been centered the shadow would be cut off and you would not be able to see most of the tracks.

  6. To Conclude • The Rule of Thirds suggests to place the subject off the center creating a more balanced picture. • When using the Rule of Thirds a person is not drawn to the center of the picture but to one of the four intersections. • Using the Rule of Thirds gives a more lively and active effect to the image.