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Campus Solutions 9.2 Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Campus Solutions 9.2 Workshop

Campus Solutions 9.2 Workshop

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Campus Solutions 9.2 Workshop

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  1. Campus Solutions 9.2 Workshop

  2. Housekeeping • Introductions • Stage Access • Talk about it, see it, do it! • Handouts • Questions

  3. Disclaimer We are currently in the midst of the upgrade process and any screenshots, images, or demonstrations we go through today are from our Stage environment. There may be changes in the final version that is deployed when we go-live. Please refer to our Training & Documentation page for all of our most current documentation.

  4. Agenda • Introduction to 9.2 • Common Verbiage • Navigating • Favorites • Homepages • Navigator • Other Tools • Student Navigation

  5. Introduction to 9.2

  6. What is 9.2? • This is a technical upgrade from Campus Solutions version 9.0 to 9.2. • 9.2 contains enhanced mobile functionality. • Primarily look/feel upgrade, very little functionality changes.

  7. Why are we upgrading to 9.2? • Some additional features • Enhanced Mobile Functionality • Oracle Support for Campus Solutions 9.0 ends in December 2019 • We upgraded to 9.0 in June of 2008. 11 years ago! It’s like cell phone technology. Everything changes! 8.0 9.0 9.2

  8. When are we upgrading to 9.2? Planned Outage for Upgrade Friday, July 12 at 5 PM until Monday, July 15 at Noon There is an alternate/back up date scheduled for the weekend of July 26th should the project not meet critical benchmarks and need to be pushed back.

  9. Common Verbiage

  10. Common Verbiage • Classic: Your current navigation and style in 9.0 • Fluid: Dynamic pages that adjust based on screen size. Desirable for mobile devices.

  11. Common Verbiage • Tiles: A navigation icon found on a Homepage. Can be a direct link to a page or collection of pages. • Page Tiles: A Tile that is tied to a single page.

  12. Common Verbiage • Navigation Collection or NavCollection: A collection of pages, grouped together for easy navigation. NavCollections are usually associated with Tiles, but Tiles don’t always have NavCollections. Created/maintained by CTS.

  13. Common Verbiage • Favorites: A collection of pages you refer back to often and want easy access to. • Navigation Bar or NavBar: A control panel that provides quick access to pages and folders in CS.

  14. Common Verbiage • Homepage: A collection of Tiles for easy navigation. There are both delivered and personal/customizable Homepages. • PUM: Acronym for PeopleSoft Update Manager. This replaces “Bundles” in 9.2. PUMs allow for a high degree of flexibility in installation. • Self Service: A menu or collection of pages used by the student to complete tasks in Campus Solutions. The Student Center is located in Self Service.

  15. Common Verbiage • Student Center or Student Services Center: The student’s primary method of completing tasks in Campus Solutions 9.0. This is available in 9.2 but no longer the primary method of activity for students.

  16. Navigating

  17. Favorites

  18. Navigating with Favorites in 9.2 • Your favorites will still be available in 9.2!! • Current Production Favorites will be copied to the new 9.2 Production. • Go through and clean-up ahead of time!

  19. Demo

  20. Navigating with Favorites in 9.2 Hands On Activity – Activity 1 • Click on the NavBar • Click on My Favorites • Check to see if your Favorites from Production are there • Click Edit Favorites • Delete a Favorite or Reorder your Favorites • Save

  21. Navigator

  22. Navigating with the Navigator • This is the same idea as clicking “Main Menu” in 9.0 • Menu Structure remains the same.

  23. Demo

  24. Navigating with Navigator Hands On Activity – Activity 2 • Click on the NavBar • Click on the Navigator • Click on PeopleTools Menu • Click Process Scheduler • Click Process Monitor Extra Credit: Click the “three-dot” button or “Actions List” at the top of the page and Click “Add to Favorites” and/or “Add to NavBar.”

  25. Homepages

  26. Navigating with Homepages in 9.2 • Favorites on steroids or shared favorites • Delivered Homepages: • Campus Solutions Administrator Homepage • Faculty/Advisor Homepage • Student Homepage • Homepages are based on roles. • Security applies! You won’t be able to access content from a Tile that you can’t get to any other way. • Able to create/personalize your own Homepage • Add Public Tiles (with NavCollections) • Add Page Tiles

  27. Campus Solutions Administrator Homepage

  28. Student Homepage Desktop Mobile

  29. Faculty/Advisor Homepage

  30. Demo

  31. Navigating with Homepages Hands On Activity – Activity 3 • Click on the Home Icon • Click on the Homepage List (top center) • Click on Campus Solutions Administrator Homepage • Pick a Tile related most closely related to your job. • View/Navigate within the Tile • Click the Home Icon or the top left-hand corner go back button • Click another Tile or visit a different Homepage you may have access to.

  32. Personal Homepages

  33. Demo

  34. Creating a Personal Homepage Hands On Activity – Activity 4 • Click on the Home Icon • Click the “three-dot” button or “Actions List” at the top of the page. • Click “Personalize Homepage” • Click “Add Homepage” • Name Homepage and click “Add” • Click Save

  35. Adding a Public Tile Hands On Activity – Activity 5 • Click “Add Tile” • Click “Peoplesoft Applications” • Review the list of Public Tiles • Pick a Public Tile that mostly closely relates to your job. • Click “Add” Tile” • Click “Peoplesoft Applications” • Pick another Tile. • Click Save

  36. Modifying a Homepage Hands On Activity – Activity 6 On the Homepage you created: • Rearrange the order of the Tiles you added by clicking and dragging the Tile • Click the red “x” on one of the Tiles you added. • Click Save

  37. Adding a Page Tile Hands On Activity – Activity 7 • Click on the Home Icon • Click the NavBar Icon • Click on the Navigator • Navigate to a page in a Menu that you use often • Once on the page Click the “three-dot” icon or “Actions list” • Click “Add to Homepage” and choose a Homepage to add this new Page Tile as well. • Click on the Home Icon • Click on the Homepage List (top) and select the Homepage you added this Page Tile as well.

  38. Other Tools

  39. Other Tools: Search

  40. Navigating with Search Hands On Activity – Activity 8 • Click on the Magnifying Glass Icon. • Search for something that mostly closely relates to your job Review the results • Examples: “query”, “grades”, “enrollment”, “account”, etc.

  41. Other Tools: Classic Home • If you prefer the Classic version of Campus Solutions you can use Classic Home • Not mobile friendly or Fluid! • While available now, Oracle does not plan to continue maintaining this view for long.

  42. Other Tools: Classic Home

  43. Other Tools: Classic Home

  44. Navigating with Classic Home Hands On Activity – Activity 9 • Click the NavBar Icon • Click on Classic Home • Using the left-hand Menu, navigate to a page you frequently use

  45. Questions?

  46. Student Homepage

  47. 9.0 Student Center • Primary methods of completing tasks were using the Student Center and Self Service Menus • Not mobile friendly • Still available in 9.2 • Student Services Center (Admin View) available

  48. 9.2 Student Homepage • The Student Experience in 9.2 is designed to be mobile friendly, or Fluid. • More intuitive and in-line with other mobile activities. • No features “turned off” like they were in HighPoint • Oracle continues to develop more mobile friendly pages. However, some existing pages may still appear as they do on a desktop

  49. Demo

  50. Manage Classes Tile: Class Search Desktop 9.0 Desktop 9.2 Mobile