a guide to help understand employee self service n.
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A Guide to Help Understand Employee Self Service Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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A Guide to Help Understand Employee Self Service Solutions

A Guide to Help Understand Employee Self Service Solutions

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A Guide to Help Understand Employee Self Service Solutions

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  1. A GUIDE TO HELP UNDERSTAND EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE SOLUTIONS  Highlights FUNCTIONS THAT CAN BE PERFORMED ADVANTAGES  COMMON MEDIUMS  METHODS TO OBTAIN AN ESS SUMMING UP  Employee self service solution enables employees to handle many professional tasks on their own. Businesses are turning to employee self service solutions to ensure employee satisfaction and loyalty. These solutions empower employees by providing them access to personal data such as payroll details, and leave balance. To help understand employee self service solutions better, the post shares some useful info about these systems. Take a look. Continue to Page 2

  2. Functions That can be Performed Employee self service solutions help employees perform a range of functions including maintaining and updating their personal records such as emergency contact details, and beneficiary details. The internal portal enables the employees to view their medical and retirement benefits, and pay statements. The HR department can use the solution to post and update info about employee training sessions, and other events. Most systems also require employees to enter their login and logout times and can help managers ensure compliance to reporting norms. Employees can also view their performance reports using ESS. Advantages  Employee self service solutions are an important part of packages offered by business process automation service providers. Some of the benefits of using these systems are: Save time and efforts by reducing paperwork Offer more control to employees Ensure compliance with legal norms Help in revenue generation in the form of commission, for instance, through links that redirect employees to an e-retailer's website Reduce the HR workload, and let team members concentrate on more important areas such as policy formulation Common Mediums  Companies use Intranet or Internet to provide their employees access to ESS. If the ESS is accessible through Intranet, employees can view the information or make updates only when they are within in the company premises. This limits the connectivity, thereby, securing the systems from external virus and information breach thefts. If the company hosts the solution on Internet, the employees can access the system from any part of the world. Companies hosting ESS on Internet usually install firewalls and use security protocols to avoid external attacks. Methods to Obtain an ESS Vendors selling HR and payroll systems Vendors selling ESS systems exclusively In-house development Consulting firms that help develop customized solutions Continue to Page 3

  3. Summing Up  Using an employee self service solution comes with many benefits and can help improve the productivity and quality of work of the employees. Before making an investment decision, ensure that the features of the software are aligned with your organizational goals and objectives. If you’re hiring a vendor, make sure to check the licensing details and ensure the provider offers a comprehensive after-sales support service that’ll help keep a tab on downtime. Source: service End of Document.