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by Emergency Systems Service Company Distributor For: PowerPoint Presentation
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by Emergency Systems Service Company Distributor For:

by Emergency Systems Service Company Distributor For:

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by Emergency Systems Service Company Distributor For:

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  1. by Emergency Systems Service Company Distributor For: Your Partner for

  2. Generators – Automatic Transfer Switches- Accessories Technical Overview Presented by Emergency Systems Service Company Your Partner for

  3. Located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, 40 miles Northwest of Philadelphia. Established in 1974 by Joseph A. Hafich, we have been proudly serving the Delaware Valley and Lehigh Valley for over 30 years. Your Partner for

  4. Emergency Systems Service Company Specializes in the Sales, Service, Rental, Planned Maintenance Contracts, Load Bank Testing, and Replacement Parts for Engine-Generator Sets and Automatic Transfer Switches Company Personnel Robert R. Hafich – President of Sales and Administration Joseph M. Hafich – President of Service and Operations Along with 38 other dedicated employees who make us one of the premier Katolight / MTU generator set distributors Your Partner for

  5. Emergency Systems Service Company • Service - Employs 17 Service Technicians – Fully stocked Service Vans - Maintenance Service Contracts – Scheduled Repairs - 24/7 Emergency response Service - Over 800 Maintenance Contracts on over 1200 units - We service all Manufacturers such as Katolight/MTU, Kohler, Onan, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Asco, GE/Zenith, Cutler Hammer. - Resistive Load Bank Testing, up to 2000kw. - JCAHO and NFPA 110 Certification Testing • Parts -Extensive Parts Inventory for numerous Manufacturers. - Maintenance parts, Engine Parts, Control Parts, Accessories Your Partner for

  6. Rental Generators • Fleet of over 30 Mobile Generators for Rental Applications. Sizes from 22kw to 1000kw • 24/7 availability • Switchable Voltages • Diesel Engines with Base Mounted Fuel Tanks and Rupture Basin • Sound Attenuated Enclosures. Low DBA levels • Rental Cable available in multiple sizes and lengths • Rentals available for: Daily – Weekly – Monthly and long term • Available services include Transportation, Tie-ins. Your Partner for

  7. Rental Automatic Transfer Switches • 200 Amp to 1600 Amp • Switchable Voltages • Nema 3R Enclosures • Equipped with time delays, Pilot lights and Exerciser • Tie in Cable available • Transportation and cable-in service • Weekly, Monthly or Long term rates available Your Partner for

  8. MTU Power Generation • Tognum acquired Katolight in April 2007 • Katolight Established in 1952 • Manufacturing, assembly, testing location for MTU Onsite Energy Power Generation. Located in Mankato, MN Your Partner for

  9. Generator Product Overview • Diesel – 20 KW to 3250 KW (Latest EPA Tier Certified) • Natural Gas/LP – 25 KW to 130 KW (EPA Certified 1st qtr 2009) 150 KW to 400 KW (EPA Certified 1st qtr 2010) • Available Voltages 120/240 Single Phase 120/240 Three Phase 120/208 three Phase 277/480 Three Phase Medium Voltage – 5 KV and 15 KV • Prime Movers Diesel - 20 KW to 275 KW – John Deere Diesel - 300 KW to 3250 KW – MTU (Detroit Diesel) Diesel - 550 KW & 600 KW Volvo Natural gas – 25 KW to 130 KW GM Natural Gas – 150 KW to 400 KW - Doosan • Generators:Marathon – Newage – Leroy Somer - Your Partner for

  10. Standard and Optional Accessories • Generators Temperature Rise – 150 degree C Standard (Optional 130, 105, 80) Oversized Generator Ends – Better performance for non-linear loads PMG (Permanent Magnet Generator) – Better performance for motor starting. • Cooling Systems Standard Unit Mounted Radiator with Duct Flange Optional Remote Radiator Optional Heat Exchanger • Governor Isochronous (+/- ¼% voltage and frequency regulation) • Control Panel Standard KDGC2020 Digital Control Panel. NFPA 110 Level 1 Compliant Monitors all Engine and Generator Parameters plus Safety Protection Generator Set can be Controlled and Monitored either Locally or Remotely Communications Capability – Open Protocol, RS232, RS485 With Available Communication Options Modbus TCP/RTV Load Share Module for Internet Protocols Your Partner for

  11. Standard and Optional Accessories • Remote Annunciator Panel NFPA 110 Level 1 Compliant 2 Wire Twisted Pair Communication Cable Belden Blue Hose Number 9463 DC or AC Powered • Main Line Circuit Breakers Unit Mounted 600V Rated 80% Rated Thermal Magnetic Trip • Battery Sealed Lead Acid 12 VDC or 24 VDC Polyethylene Battery Box Battery Cables Available options include 100% Rated Digital Electronic Trip Ground Fault, Shunt Trip, Auxiliary Contacts Battery Charger Full Float Battery Charging 12 VDC or 24 VDC to match battery voltage 120 VAC Input (other voltages optional) NFPA 110 Level 1 Compliant with monitoring and alarms Loose or factory mounted and wired. (Open Power Units) Factory mounted and wired (Enclosed Power Units) Your Partner for

  12. Standard and Optional Accessories • Silencers Critical and Hospital Grade Flexible Exhaust Connection Silencer and Flex provided loose for contractor installation ( Open Power Unit) Contractor provides and installs all extended piping, hangers, insulation, etc Silencer and Flex factory mounted.(Enclosed Power Units) Factory provides and installs all extended piping. (Enclosed Power Units) On Enclosed Power Units, silencer can be factory insulated and mounted inside the enclosure providing better aesthetics and sound attenuation • Block Heaters Output - 1000 watt to 12000 watt Input – 120 VAC Single Phase to 480 VAC Three Phase Factory Mounted on Open Power Units Factory Mounted and Wired on Enclosed Power Units • Enclosures (Enclosed Power Units) Weatherproof Skin Tight Weatherproof and Sound Attenuated Skin Tight Level 1 – Foam Insulation (Good) Level 2 – Foam Insulation with Intake and Exhaust Scoop (Better) Level 3 – Crystal Quiet Enclosure (Best) Weatherproof and Sound Attenuated Walk-In *Available Options on all enclosures include Aluminum Construction, Motorized Dampeners, Lighting Packages, Distribution Panels Panels, etc. Your Partner for

  13. Standard and Optional Accessories • Fuel Systems Diesel Double Wall Sub-Base Fuel Tank (24, 48, or 72 Hour Capacity) Optional Electrical Conduit Stub-Up Area Under MLCB Double Wall Sub-Base Fuel Day Tank (Remote Pumping Capability) Remote Day Tank (Remote Pumping Capability) UL142 and NFPA 30 Compliant Natural Gas, LP, LP Liquid Withdrawal Factory provides Fuel Flex, Fuel Solenoid, Y Strainer, and Flow Regulator Valve to operate on 4 oz. to 6 oz. (7-11 inches) of gas pressure. • Vibration Isolation Pad Style Spring Style Spring Seismic Style • Additional Accessories Trailer Mounted Units for Mobile Applications UL 2200 Optional Colors (Gold, Tan, Gray Standard) Extended Warranties (2 year/3000 hour basic) Your Partner for

  14. Load Banks • Load Banks are designed to provide electrical loads for testing Generator Sets and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Load Banks are also used to reduce “Wet Stacking” problems in Diesel Engines on Backup Generator Sets. • Load Banks are available as: Permanent Portable Radiator Mounted Reactive Your Partner for

  15. Testing • Other Reasons to Test • JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) • Acceptance of NFPA-99-1999 section 3- calls for the EPS to be tested a minimum 12 times per year, at intervals no less than 20 days and no morethan 40 days. Your Partner for

  16. Emissions • Emissions – 2011 and beyond • Standby rated generator sets – current configurations are anticipated to remain the same until approx 2011 • EPA Tier 4 phase in period from approximately 2008-2015. • Most generator sets – will require after treatment to meet Tier 4 standards • 1/1/2009: spark ignited gensets will be required to be EPA certified • Economic Impact • Annual emission reductions are estimated at 738,000 tons of NOx, 129,000 tons of PM • By 2030 12,000 premature deaths would be prevented due to the implementation of these standards. ( Your Partner for

  17. Automatic Transfer Switches • Manufacturers: Asco – GE/Zenith – Cutler Hammer - Russelectric • Styles: Contactor – Circuit Breaker • Types: Open Transition - Delayed Transition - Closed Transition Bypass Isolation Medium voltage Service Entrance Rated Paralleling Switchgear Static Switchgear • Sizes: 30 to 4000 Amps - 120 to 4160 volts – 2,3, and 4 Pole • Enclosures: NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12 • Standard Features: Time Delays, In-Phase Monitors, Auxiliary Relays, Exerciser, Indicating Lights • Optional Features: Communications and Scada Systems, Peak Shave, Area Protection, Load Shed Controls Your Partner for

  18. Sales & Technical Assistance • Generator Sizing and Specification • Budgeting • Technical Installation Assistance - Recommended Options - Dimensions and Weight - Location - Fuel - Power requirements - Air Flow - Exhaust • Pre-Installation Assistance • Operating and Exercising Instruction • Proposal for Continued Planned Maintenance Contract Thank you for your business and specifying our generator sets Katolight by MTU Onsite Energy Your Partner for

  19. Anywhere Reliable Power is Required Rely On “Emergency Power System Specialists” Your Partner for