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Using PowerPoint for Classroom Presentations PowerPoint Presentation
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Using PowerPoint for Classroom Presentations

Using PowerPoint for Classroom Presentations

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Using PowerPoint for Classroom Presentations

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  1. Using PowerPoint for Classroom Presentations

  2. Getting Started • Click on the Start button, the All Programs arrow and scroll down to Microsoft PowerPoint • When you open PowerPoint you can choose to open an existing presentation or you can create a new one. Choose a new one. • PowerPoint offers a variety of designs and templates on which to base a new presentation • You can choose the AutoContent Wizard, Design Template or Blank Presentation

  3. Design Template • Take a minute to look at the Design Template options that you may choose from • Consider whether you will be using this presentation on a computer screen or black/white transparency • Pick a Design Template for your presentation

  4. Slide Layout • PowerPoint supplies 24 different AutoLayout slide formats that arrange objects of a presentation – titles, charts or clip art • For now, click on the layout in the lower left corner

  5. PowerPoint provides empty boxes (placeholders) for you to insert text or other objects Click on the box that says “Click to add title” and type in a title for your presentation When you type into a placeholder, PowerPoint automatically reduces the text size to fit. Now click on “Click to add text” and enter the first bullet points of your lesson Adding Text

  6. Adding Clip Art • Adding pictures, called Clip Art, is easy using PowerPoint • Double click on the picture of the funny guy • Pick the category, then the picture you want. • Then click on “insert picture” • Close the Clip Art box and the picture will appear in your slide.

  7. If you don’t find a picture you like, click on”clips online” if you have Internet access Click on the link that says “jump to clip gallery” Type in a word or words describing the picture you want Click on the forward arrows to look at more options When you find the right one, click on the bar below the picture. That will add it to your Clip Art Gallery Getting Clips from the Web

  8. To add a new slide, click on the blank slide next to the “globe” on the tool bar. PowerPoint places the new slide immediately after the current one You can again select the AutoLayout you want for the new slide Keep adding slides until you have completed your presentation or lesson. Adding Slides to a Presentation

  9. Saving Your Presentation • To save your presentation, click on “File” in the toolbar and select “Save As” • Title your presentation and save it on a 3 ½ floppy disc in Drive A

  10. Printing Your Presentation • You may now print your presentation as black/white slides or as a handout with notes • To print as slides, go to file and click on print • To print as a handout master, go to view, master, handout master and select the second button. • When the print box opens, select handouts under “Print What?” and choose 3 per page.

  11. You can make PowerPoint presentations even fancier by adding animation, sounds or websites Click on the “star” in the toolbar and select the animation Then click on the sound icon to add sound You may choose preset or custom animations and sounds Adding Whistles & Bells