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Weigh Up Your Options

Weigh Up Your Options

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Weigh Up Your Options

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  1. Weigh Up Your Options Businesses all have to ensure they plan properly before they open their doors in the morning. This means also having to consider, in addition to the importance of HR issues, cash flow, and expenditure. These days al businesses, right from the one-man show to bigger organisations and corporations use computers and various other IT-supported machines, devices, and services during the course of their operations. The computer, these days, takes on various forms, the desktop in any office is a well-known contributor to the firm’s assets and almost indispensable in the day-to-day operations of any business. Depending on the size of your business, and how much store your organisation sets by modern systems and processes, having to acquire desktops – and other computers and devices – can quickly drive up expenditure. Not only the initial procurement of these computers must be factored into your cost – ongoing maintenance too, breaks fix incidences, and other, regular monitoring as well. It makes sense that very quickly the business’s budget may suffer because of overspend. Bigger organisations, especially, develop cash flow problems if management does not take all steps to curtail unnecessary spending, also spending that could be better channeled elsewhere. So, these days many are turning to other options and they consider the possibility of renting, rather than owning their desktops and other devices as it makes better financial sense, it improves cash flow and helps with planning ahead. To own your desktops, or the office’s laptops, iPads, and other IT options may no longer be the answer. It becomes costly to acquire, costly to repair, and maintain – and to replace when new, more advanced options are introduced to the market. And, as IT changes and develops on an almost daily basis, it is a fact that companies have to adjust regularly to allow for newer computers and other devices. Buying these may place unnecessary financial strain on the business; therefore rentals as an alternative are more often considered. It makes sense, especially if the business owner rents the desktops at a fixed monthly rent and does not take responsibility for maintenance, for example. Therefore businesses are starting to look around more than ever before for those services that offer this option: you rent from them, you let them come to your premises and ask them to install and test these devices as you look on, they retain ownership – and responsibility for maintenance. This is an arrangement that suits so many businesses as it reduces responsibility, as it gives them greater control over their cash flow – and the option to enter into agreements with service providers to suit their requirements and needs. The best among these hiring services take it one step further: they often offer the client an option whereby computers, cell phones, tablets, and other devices are sold to them after the initial rentals period. Of course, this depends on circumstances and the profile of the lessor, the hiring company. The bigger, well known among these are often those that offer options such as a rent-to-buy agreement.

  2. Businesses these days are in the fortunate position that they have more services to choose from; therefore they can look around for the better ones among the options. Of course, you want to rent your computers and other IT equipment such as AV and large screen monitors from a well-known service with great credentials and a good name in the industry, a service that will go on lending support to the business that rents from them, you want to know that they are available for advice and support whenever you need it. The services know that and will go out of their way to keep you as a client; they will, therefore, make the best, most sought-after computers and equipment that your business can benefit from, available to you. About Us At Hamilton Rentals, we pride ourselves on bringing all our valued clients the best choices about short term computer and AV hire as well as a host of IT services that include cloud services and data centre relocation. We offer rental services on all of the most recent products such as iPads, PCs, laptops, servers, and AV equipment. As the UK’s largest IT and AV and related products company, we offer a host of services aimed at meeting the demands of the modern user. Because of our association with Bell Integration and technical service and analytics business Portal we are in the best position to offer a complete service unequaled by our competition. For more information about us, please visit