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Tools to Achieve Performance Excellence PowerPoint Presentation
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Tools to Achieve Performance Excellence

Tools to Achieve Performance Excellence

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Tools to Achieve Performance Excellence

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  1. Tools to Achieve Performance Excellence

  2. Virtual 5SPresented by Dana Essex, Ph.D. Dana Essex is a social psychologist leading the Project Management Office and process improvement initiatives at UCare. She joined UCare after working as a Lean Six Sigma and innovation practitioner at University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview. Her career in performance improvement began when Ms. Essex was an examiner for the Minnesota Quality Council, now the Performance Excellence Network. She later became a Six Sigma Black Belt at UnitedHealth Group. Prior to that role, she led member, provider and customer satisfaction research for various divisions of UnitedHealth Group as well as for a number of marketing research firms in the Minneapolis area.

  3. Was created in 1984 by the Department of Family Practice and Community Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School Today, UCare is an independent, nonprofit health plan providing health coverage and services to more than 300,000 members in Minnesota and western Wisconsin

  4. How to: Scale and scope of the program Create buy-in Pre-event planning with director Event 1 team preparation Event 2 Sort Shine Set Event 3 Systematize Sustain Post-event with team Migration and deletion

  5. How did we scale the PMO 5S project? • Go see • Created oversight group • Change management plan • Try

  6. Scope Shared Drive Share Point

  7. Create Buy-in Oversight group Critical to UCare Buy-in CEO mandate The story: End-of-life server for shared drive with no fail over Drive full Security and performance issues with every access change to shared drive Each department reports results to oversight group Communication in all available venues • Two senior leaders • CIO • PMO director • Program manager • IT infrastructure manager • IT security manager • Executive assistant who attempted to lead the clean-up in the past

  8. Pre-event Pre-Event: (Department management –2hrs.) IS5S overview Opportunity Assessment Form the IS5S Event team Scope the event Benchmark & set goals Homework (get data, prep the team & schedule Event dates)

  9. Baseline and Targets

  10. Event # 1Team Preparation IS5S Event Team Kickoff: (Team-4hrs.) Event Preparation: (Team-2hrs.) Review Homework Determine sort categories Create disposition rules (no open ends) Determine plan of attack (divide & conquer?) Create an Issues & Needs list Homework (create sort folders with appropriate access) • Logistics & expectations • Lean Basics Education • IS5S Training • Review and/or modify pre-event items • Homework (browse data, don’t fix now!)

  11. Useful Definitions 5S UCare Restricted Confidential Internal Use Only Public Other useful definitions Business records Corporate history Business record retention schedule • Keep: Current and active • Trash: No question, throw away • Archive: May need at a future date or security requires we keep for extended period of time • Red Tag: Not sure if we need or should keep – disposition in 30 days or item will be trashed

  12. Event #2Sort, Set, Shine Sort: (Team-8hrs.) Set & Shine: (Team-2hrs.) Review homework Plan new structure Set-up new structure Clean-up workstations Homework (set-up new structure, archive data, empty trash, review P&P) • Review homework • Sort • Break • Sort • Homework (Set vision, disposition red tag items)

  13. Event #3Systematize and Sustain Record Clean-up Day Systematize & Sustain: (Team-2hrs.) • Review homework • set-up new structure, archive data, empty trash, review P&P • Write/modify policies & procedures • Recap event results, and Issues & Needs list. • Homework (prepare IS5S Event report)

  14. Post-event Post-Event: (Team-2hrs./Mgt.-1hr.) • Review homework • Department IS5S Event report • Team event presentation to Oversight Committee • Celebrate!

  15. Migration IT project lead migrated department structure and files to new drive on new server Department team lead and IT lead deleted trash, red tagged files

  16. Results: Marketing Dept. 76% reduction in space

  17. Results 21 of 24 departments participated Right files in the right places 44% reduction in space (521 GB) 72% reduction in folders (80,017) 65% reduction in files (1,568,728) Decreased click-through was the most frequently reported benefit

  18. Lessons Learned The Sort, Shine and Set took much less time than teams expected Oversight group defined guidelines for right documents in the right places Opportunity to mandate file structure for security purposes (out of scope) Hoarders and throwers can compromise Provide food Casual day

  19. Questions?

  20. Virtual 5SPresented by Dana Essex, Ph.D. How can I help you? Please email me for the full set of templates. 612.676.3691