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Kelly Ruggles

Kelly Ruggles

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Kelly Ruggles

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  1. Kelly Ruggles Simplifies Complex Investment Processes for Seniors

  2. Kelly Ruggles is an expert financial planner who provides services to retirees and others who are approaching retirement age. He is also the founder and president of American Reliance Group.

  3. Kelly Ruggles has more than a decade of experience in retirement planning for elders, and is known for his expert planning services. Over the last 14 years, Kelly Ruggles has offered those services to more than 1,000 retirees and seniors in their preretirement years.

  4. One reason Kelly Ruggles is considered to be a top financial planner is his ability to simplify complex investment processes so most seniors can understand them. Before making a financial plan for any senior, he carefully studies the needs and requirements unique to that client, then works with him or her to draft a personalized retirement investment plan.

  5. If you’ve never thought of your post-retirement days, then it's time to start retirement planning. You should determine the expenses you’ll incur to maintain the lifestyle you desire after retirement, factoring in inflation and expected price hikes for long-term medical care that could arise in your future.

  6. The need for retirement planning is more important now than ever before because, due to scientific and medical breakthroughs, people are extending their retirement years by living longer than their ancestors. With retirement planning, one can be assured of having a steady source of income after retirement, says Kelly Ruggles.

  7. Those who plan their financial futures with the help of a financial expert such as Kelly Ruggles have much better chances to live comfortably and independently after retirement.

  8. Kelly Ruggles also is the author of the book, 'Financial Concerns for Retirement' which covers a wide range of topics related to retirement planning. Those topics include retirement plans and IRAs, insurance and asset protection, medigap, long-term care, estate planning, and taxes. He also conducts educational workshops on retirement and financial planning in the Spokane, Washington area.

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