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7 Tips for SEO Content Writers to Master the Web

2019 brings new challenges to SEO content writing, but a more holistic approach towards what your audience expects of you gives you the edge.

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7 Tips for SEO Content Writers to Master the Web

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  1. 7 Tips for SEO Content Writers to Master the Web 2019 brings new challenges to SEO content writing, but a more holistic approach towards what your audience expects of you gives you the edge. 2019 2019 MedResponsive Long Island 200 Broadhollow Road, Suite 207 Melville, NY 11747

  2. The success of digital marketing depends significantly on efficient content writing. Medical content writing and indeed content writing in any field needs to fulfill the requirements of the audience while exuding quality. Search engines value these factors above others. How Content Writers Can Get on Top of their Game Content writers can make or break SEO campaigns. With 2019 set to bring with it a new share of challenges and algorithmic modifications, content writers need to be at the top of their game. They need to strike the balance between giving their target audience the relevant and comprehensive information they’re looking for, while also ensuring the visibility and improving rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for a variety of relevant keywords. Don’t Stuff Keywords The days of keyword stuffing are long gone. Too many keywords equate to spamming and that could see your rankings plummet. It’s then a long process to get back. You need keywords for sure, but Google pays more heed to the user-friendliness, comprehensiveness and relevance of the content in your blogs and web pages. So you need to know what users typically ask regarding the keywords and topics you’re dealing with. That’s what your blog topics and content should be about. Feel What Your Audience Wants In other words, you need to tailor your content to the FAQs of your target audience. Experienced content writer Lindsey D suggests using online tools such as AnswerThePublic that can give you an idea of questions commonly asked regarding any search term you type. You can also enter some words describing what kinds of services you offer and get a data map of questions commonly asked by people in the field you’re dealing with. It also offers the feature of geo-optimizing search results though you need a paid account for that. Tools like these can get you trending ideas that could give you points to weave your blogs around. In essence, that’s what Google is trying to do – put up relevant results for what users search, or even provide the answers to the most relevant questions in the search page itself to give users what they’re looking for in the fastest manner. This feature precludes them from having to peruse the remaining search results. They could check the answers and then click the link attached to them if they find the information relevant. www.longisland.medresponsive.com (631) 494-3324

  3. Think Beyond Just Top SERP Listings So, content writers need to think beyond just appearing at the top of the SERPs listings, to actually being conspicuous when their audience wants information. That holistic thinking helps modify your approach and think of more effective strategies. If content writers put themselves in the shoes of their readers, it takes a bit of the mystery surrounding search rankings and Google’s algorithm approach away. Place Keywords Where They Matter Now let’s talk about keywords. Yes, they’re still around and important too. Just don’t overdo them. Now that you’ve figured out a blog topic to develop and selected a keyword, make sure you put them in the areas that matter – the introduction, page titles, headings, image titles, image alt text and meta descriptions. These are where keywords can actually make a difference to your search performance. You can have keywords in your content but in an intelligible manner, without stuffing them. Another strategy you can apply is linking to your past blog posts that have relevant content. For linking, you can use the keyword for the anchor text. This helps because inbound links give an indication to search engines that you’ve got an authoritative page. Headlines Are Super Important Don’t underestimate the headline. The headline is what makes users click your content. Make it interesting but relevant. But there are many interesting headlines out there. What you need is a compelling headline – something that makes people click it either as the result of an intelligent thought process, or because of an emotional pull. Headlines suggesting your authority on the topic usually appeal to the intellect of the audience, but headlines invoking curiosity could be even more powerful by extracting an emotional pull from readers that makes them want to click the title. According to a report by Neil Patel, the SEO expert, headlines having numbers have a greater likelihood to be shared in the social media. For example, you can think of “5 Healthy Tips to Beat Obesity” or “7 Proven Ways to Keep Your Body Warm This Winter” or any other such idea that involves your area of service. That certainly evokes curiosity and makes your audience want to click the heading. Make sure that your title is within 72 characters, which makes the whole title appear in the search results unlike truncated headlines that may not convey the intended emotional response from your audience. www.longisland.medresponsive.com (631) 494-3324

  4. Maintain Frequency in Blogging Always ensure that you blog at least twice or thrice a week. This has been found to be very effective in garnering traffic. Diverse Kind of Content and a Holistic Approach With these tips, content writers can look to see their efforts rewarded for their clients. Content is still king. The more of a holistic approach you adopt, understanding the requirements of your audience and incorporating interesting videos and infographics along with textual content, the more you can look to get the attention and respect of audiences. Advanced SEO services in Long Island can provide efficient and customized content marketing services for clients. www.longisland.medresponsive.com (631) 494-3324

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