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SEO Content Writing Tips

Content writing is also a part of SEO. How do we create contents that also does good SEO at the same time? These slides will show you some tips. Full guide - http://red-dot-geek.com/seo-blogging/ninja-seo-content-writing-tips/

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SEO Content Writing Tips

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  2. Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. - Confucius 2

  3. Hello! I am W.S. Toh Being a self-taught SEO practitioner, I give back to the community by giving free tutorials. 3

  4. 1 THE GOAL Why do we do SEO? How does content writing tie in?

  5. SEO IS USED TO: ● Optimize your website for search engines. ● Optimize a piece of content on your website. ● Help your website to be recognized by search engines. ● Rank a piece of content on the first page of the search engines. 5

  6. SEO IS/DOES NOT: ● Black magic. ● Done by super hackers. ● Promise you first page rankings. ● Make you famous overnight. ● Give you a million dollar. 6

  7. SEO CONTENT WRITING ● Is a part of SEO process. ● Used to help you write better content. ● Write smart, not write hard. ● Make search engines and people love your content. 7

  8. THE GOAL ● Content is king! ● Create and write better content. ● Create more value for your readers. ● More value for readers = Readers love your website = Readers stay on your website = Naturally good SEO signals. 8

  9. 2 THE TIPS How do we do SEO content writing?

  10. AWESOME TITLE ● Mix your selected keywords into the title. ● Use a power word in the title – Super, mega, ninja, awesome, step- by-step, hack, etc… ● E.G. Step-by-step beginners guide on how to start a fire. 10

  11. LONG ARTICLE ● Not a short mal-nutrition one. ● Aim for 2000 words or more… at least 500 words ● Users tend to stay and read long articles. ● Articles with less than 300 words are likely to be deemed as “thin content” by search engines, and not worth to rank. 11

  12. USEFUL CONTENT ● Don’t just write random cat-and-dog stuff. ● Do not attempt to “fatten content” by “padding” it with useless words and paragraphs. ● Do your homework and research, give a lot of useful information to your readers. 12

  13. RELATED CONTENT ● Readers are looking for information. Give them what they want. ● Search engines love it when you give a lot of related information. E.g. Guitar lessons – Riff, Chords, Strumming, Picking, etc… ● People also love it when you give them a lot of good related information and tips. 13

  14. SIMPLE ENGLISH ● KISS – Keep it simple. ● Write in simple English. Keep the language simple. ● Do not use difficult words. ● Think of it as you are writing for teenagers. 14

  15. FONTS ● Use large legible fonts. ● Break your sentences, paragraphs, and give more spacing. ● Do not scare your readers away with huge chunks of text. 15

  16. LINKS ● Provide links to other related resources and/or videos in your article. ● This will increase the relevancy score as well. 16

  17. MEDIA ● The stone age of Internet is over. ● Use pictures and diagrams to explain. ● Use videos if you can. 17

  18. ORGANIZE ● Write in point form if you can. ● Use tables and lists to display information. ● People appreciate easy reading. 18

  19. KEYWORDS ● Include your keyword in the first 100 words. ● Pepper in your keywords a few times within the body of the article. ● DO NOT SPAM! ● Put the keywords in as naturally as possible. 19

  20. Thanks! You can follow up… Find us at http://red-dot-geek.com For the complete article, please read http://red-dot- geek.com/seo-blogging/ninja-seo-content-writing-tips/ 20

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