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  1. GEOLOGY at KU Edward Tester

  2. Faculty Dr. Kurt Friehauf Economic Geology, Mineralogy, and Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology

  3. Faculty Dr. Erin Kraal Planetary Geology

  4. Faculty Dr. Adrienne Oakley Marine Geology

  5. Faculty Dr. Jake Sewall (and Elena and Egan) Environmental Geology and Earth Systems

  6. Faculty Dr. Ed Simpson Sedimentation, Stratigraphy, Paleontology

  7. Faculty Dr. Sarah Tindall Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics

  8. Faculty Dr. Laura Sherrod (and Sierra) Geophysics and Hydrogeology

  9. Student-Faculty Research Six geology students have been working with Dr. Friehauf, Dr. Tindall and Dr. Lane Schultz (of Berks Products Corp.) investigating cave formation and groundwater flow at a nearby quarry. The research has resulted in one publication so far. * denotes undergraduate co-author: *Wolfinger, Seth, *Ward, Kristen, *Holland, Jeremy, *Nase, A. M., *Ferguson, Elizabeth, *Zellner, Greg C., Tindall, Sarah E. and Schultz, Lane M., 2004, A multidisciplinary study of controls on ground-water flow in a karst aquifer in the Ordovician Beekmantown Group, Berks County, PA: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs.

  10. Student-Faculty Research Students monitored and sampled groundwater wells, and mapped fractures, springs and dissolution pathways in the pit!

  11. Student-Faculty Research Greg Zellner and Tama Scherer traveled to Utah with Dr. Tindall in summer of 2003 to investigate ancient faults. The research has resulted in one publication so far: *Zellner, G. C and Tindall, S.E., 2004, Structural evidence for syntectonic sedimentation within the Cretaceous Wahweap Formation, Kaibab Uplift, Utah: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs.

  12. Student-Faculty Research Zach Artz, Kristen Ward and Lisa Ferguson accompanied Dr. Friehauf to China in 2004 to study rocks at a rare-earth element mine.

  13. Student-Faculty Research Zach Artz presented his China research results at the national meeting of The Geological Society of America in Salt Lake City, Utah

  14. Student-Faculty Research Katie Hoefert and Dr. Tindall traveled around southern Utah in summer of 2003 studying exposures of fractures that affect oil and natural gas reservoirs The research has resulted in one publication so far: Hoefert, Catherine M. and Tindall, Sarah E., 2004, Orientation and spacing of joints in deformation band shear zones east of Mount Hillers, Utah: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs v. 36 no. 2 p. 102. Katie Hoefert

  15. Student-Faculty Research In 2003-’04, Dave Fillmore, Renee Scalise, Greg Zellner and Dr. Simpson studied fossilized footprints made by big swimming amphibians. Renee Scalise Fillmore, D.L., Scalise, R.L., Zellner, G.C., and Simpson, E.L. 2004. Mississippian-Age Swimming Tetrapod Trackways from the a Mauch Chunk Formation Near Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs.

  16. Student-Faculty Research Dr. Simpson and Dr. Tindall are studying ancient earthquake-related features in Utah. Tim Jenesky, Jon Bernard, Megan Orsulak and Ed Tester participated in the project in 2005-’06.

  17. Dr. Tindall has a structural geology modeling lab – a place where we can replicate the development of mountain systems!

  18. Geology at KU

  19. Class Trips Field work is an essential part of the curriculum! Petrology trip to the Adirondacks in New York

  20. Field Methods and Stratigraphy students in southern Virginia

  21. Class Trips

  22. Structural Geology trip to Vermont

  23. Cambrian limestones at Schuylkill Park Brandon Trate

  24. Mineralogy trip to Sterling Hill zinc mine

  25. Structural Geology in Vermont

  26. Class Trips Envirnonmental Geology students sampling soils near Palmerton, PA

  27. Barton mine, NY: biggest garnets in the world!

  28. Mount Penn in Reading

  29. Class Trips Billion-year-old rocks at Antietam Reservoir

  30. Trucks and shovels

  31. Mad River Shear Zone, Vermont

  32. Field Methods and Stratigraphy joint trip to southern Virginia

  33. AuSable Chasm, New York

  34. Really big hammers

  35. Field Methods students finding faults

  36. Stretching after hiking!

  37. Field Methods mapping trip to Hidden Valley Scout Camp

  38. AND LOTS MORE!!! Contact us about: - The curriculum - Geology Club - Facilities - Instrumentation - The Environmental Geology Major - The Marine Geology Major - Internships - Jobs and Grad School Opportunities Geology Home