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Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial

Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial

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Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial

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  1. Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial Celebrating 100 Years of Bird Conservation… and Launching the Next 100 Years November 16, 2015 Partners Forum Webinar Rachel Fisk Levin, National Centennial Team Lead (

  2. Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial Partners Forum Purpose • To bring together representatives from diverse conservation and bird-related organizations across North America to: • Learn about the Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial and what the FWS is doing to celebrate the event • Discover ways to incorporate the Centennial into your organization’s existing programs and events • Gain resources and connections that will help promote migratory bird conservation for many years to come

  3. Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial Overview • August 16, 2016, marks the centennial of the Convention between the United States and Great Britain (for Canada) for the Protection of Migratory Birds • This Migratory Bird Treaty and the three that followed - with Mexico, Japan and Russia - form the cornerstones of efforts to conserve birds that migrate across international borders • The treaties connect the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service with partners who work toward conserving, protecting, and managing migratory bird populations and their habitats

  4. Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial Centennial Celebration Goals Create awareness, promote key actions, increase support, and expand opportunities for engagement in the conservation of migratory birds.

  5. Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial Centennial Celebration Goals • Celebrate the remarkable gains we have made in protecting migratory birds and their habitats • Engage our partners, Service programs, Congress and the public to increase support and everyday actions for bird conservation across the nation and beyond our borders • Galvanize efforts to protect migratory birds for generations to come

  6. Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial Centennial Celebration Key Messages to Partners • The Migratory Bird Treaty exemplifies our long history of cooperative conservation of shared resources • Highlighting the Centennial is one way to build a unified voice for bird conservation • There are many ways to celebrate & promote the Centennial • We have tools to help you • Organizations can leverage Centennial goals and messages and create your own campaigns to appeal to your members and constituents • It is easy for everyone to participate!

  7. Outcome: Awareness Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial • Create awareness among adults and children about bird conservation and that healthy habitats are good for birds and people • Media stories about how birds and bird conservation benefit people • Tap into existing awareness of and support for certified bird-friendly products Migratory Bird Program - Conserving America’s Birds

  8. Outcome: Action Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial • Promote key actions to help migratory birds • Expand home and building owner use of bird-friendly practices • Increase participation in citizen science programs • Increase sales of Duck Stamps Migratory Bird Program - Conserving America’s Birds

  9. Outcome: Increased Support Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial • Increase support for migratory bird conservation programs and initiatives • Strengthen international partnerships • Increase knowledge and understanding of key bird conservation actions, including legislation Migratory Bird Program - Conserving America’s Birds

  10. Outcome: Engagement Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial • Increase opportunities for engagement in birdwatching, hunting and other conservation activities • Participate in International Migratory Bird Day festivals & events • Host bird walks & festivals • Increase number of youth bird-related events • Highlight Centennial through citizen science events such as bird counts and banding events Migratory Bird Program - Conserving America’s Birds

  11. Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial We Need You Because… • Birds cross geopolitical borders, including international ones. We cannot reach all those audiences alone • Many great conservation efforts and events are already underway that can link with the Centennial • Your organization has means of outreach and engagement that we want to connect with • You are passionate about wildlife and habitat conservation and want to help raise awareness about bird conservation - past, present and future

  12. Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial We Can Help You! • The Centennial celebrates bird conservation through local and regionally focused events, outreach and engagement, led by many partners, across North America • Through the lens of the Centennial you can reach a larger audience with your messages for a prolonged period of time, with support from many interested partners

  13. Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial How We Can Help You • By participating in the Centennial celebration, your organization’s bird and habitat conservation goals and objectives can be enhanced through: • New partnerships • Ready-made tools and resources available at no charge • Continent-wide network of conservation professionals • Media coverage

  14. Centennial Resources Tools You Can Use • Nestbox • • Key messages • Talking points • Templates • Multimedia content • And much more! • Adaptable, customizable and free • Interactive timeline • • History of bird conservation • Anything we should add? Let us know!

  15. Centennial Activities Highlights of Projects Underway • North American Ornithological Conference • Trilateral Committee for Wildlife & Ecosystem Conservation & Management • State of North America’s Birds report • News media & conservation publications • Social media campaign • Web-based stories, galleries, podcasts and videos • Bird-friendly practices outreach

  16. Centennial Activities National & Regional Activities • Online calendar of events (coming soon) • Branding & Visual Identity • U.S. & Canadian Embassy events • Corporate partnerships • IMBD & other events • Webinars • Citizen Science events • “100 Bird Walks”, “Flyway Ambassadors” & other campaigns • Educational products

  17. What can you do? Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial • Use and share the Nestbox tools • Centennial messages in fact sheets, products, speeches, etc. • Share Centennial content on social media • USFWS_Birds, @USFWSBirds • Deliver a Centennial PowerPoint • Participate in IMBD events • Hold a bird walk or other themed event • Pitch local media stories about bird conservation and the Centennial • Have local chapters or offices? Contact a regional Centennial Team member •

  18. Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial Next Steps • For the Service • Plan additional Partner Forums • Send regular updates via email to those interested • Second phase of the “Nestbox” – January 2016 • For You and Your Organization • Participate in future Partner Forums • Use the Nestbox tools • Add events to the online event calendar • Get the word out about the Centennial and migratory bird conservation • Contact us with questions or ideas: • or

  19. Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial Questions for Discussion • What other resources would be helpful for your organization as you celebrate the Centennial? • What other topics related to the Centennial would you like to see in a future webinar? • What other events should we include on the interactive timeline? • Do you have a Centennial website that we can link to?

  20. Thank you! Rachel Fisk Levin 703-358-2405

  21. Appendix Slide: Centennial Organization Structure of USFWS and our partners

  22. Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial • Rachel Levin, USFWS Centennial Team Lead • Lead for overall strategy, design and implementation of Centennial Celebration campaigns, events, and activities, and for internal and external partner relations. • Jennifer Allen, Marstel-Day, Centennial Coordinator • Facilitate communication and collaboration among Core and National teams; HQ and the regions; Service and partners • Core Team • FWS HQ Migratory Bird Program & External Affairs staff • Coordinate national strategy, messaging and themes; engage with FWS programs and partners at national level • National Team • Migratory Bird ARDs/staff, Regional External Affairs and other FWS Program staff, NABCI Coordinator • Implement Centennial goals at the regional level; plan strategic events and activities; engage with partners at regional level FWS Programs, Conservation Partners (NABCI & others) Social Media Subteam Branding & Visual Identity Subteam HQ Welcome Center Subteam Public Events Calendar Subteam Education Products Subteam Partners Forum High-profile Events & Sponsorships Forum Current activities & products: Centennial toolkit | Website |Newspaper, magazine, newsletter articles | IMBD events |U.S. & Canadian Embassy events | Online calendar | Multimedia exhibit in FWS HQ Welcome Center | Trilateral meeting theme and event & much more