janice brea geraldine fernandez educational studies 200 spring 09 n.
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Media spectacles & the crisis of beauty PowerPoint Presentation
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Media spectacles & the crisis of beauty

Media spectacles & the crisis of beauty

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Media spectacles & the crisis of beauty

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  1. Janice Brea Geraldine Fernandez Educational Studies 200: Spring ‘09 Media spectacles & the crisis of beauty

  2. This curriculum will enlighten eighth grade students on the effects that the media’s idea of “beauty” has on society, and on themselves ;how they are influenced to see beauty in a certain way. Focus will be emphasized on critical thinking and analyzing of these ideologies, their negative health effects, and how to become proactive about a new healthy lifestyle and outlook on their self image. Introduction

  3. Hartford Magnet Middle School -8th Grade Classroom -60 minutes a day, 4 lesson days, 1 Evaluation Day -Language Arts, Math, and Health context

  4. The role of body image on the self esteem, social life, and health conducts of adolescents beginning at a young age. School, society and peers playing crucial roles in the matter. Classroom observations of two different schools and grade levels yet similar patterns and incidents. Health curriculum not being thoroughly implemented and valued despite its high importance. Incorporation of three essential subjects in an awareness and life changing lesson and experience. Justification

  5. Students will: Widen their cognizance on how the media alters images critically evaluate the messages about body image that are transmitted through song lyrics apply mathematical skills in evaluating nutrition value charts, while developing their own sense of what a healthy diet incorporates. challenge and exert each individual’s bodily/ kinesthetic intelligence while contributing to the positive self esteem of individuals objectives

  6. Health framework Mathematics English/ Language Arts

  7. aims/lesson plan

  8. Lets talk to our adolescents before the beauty industry does.

  9. What's the perfect anorexic? How far will they go?

  10. Individual interviews Scenarios Make own magazine Make own skit Write a short story evaluations