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Ways To Instantly Improve Your Flash Photography

Photography is not easy as simple people think about, there are the various thing that should be considered to get a perfect click as in this presentation you will learn improving your flash photography. Michaels camera video and digital is a one stop shop for all types of cameras and its accessories in Melbourne.

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Ways To Instantly Improve Your Flash Photography

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  1. Ways To Instantly Improve Your Flash Photography

  2. As you study more about photography, you may find yourself using your inbuilt flash less and less to avoid unwanted side effects such as red-eye, overexposed rabbit in the headlights photographs and usually harsh and unflattering light.

  3. If you are shooting with a small camera or the inbuilt flash on your DSLR, the affordable and fastest way to increase your flash photography is by making modifications to the flash compensation.

  4. The result known as red-eye is caused by light bouncing off the retina. An easy way to minimise this is by directing your subject to look slightly to the side of the camera to avoid this reflection.

  5. To effectively reduce red-eye and produce far more flattering light on your subject, it is worth spending in an off- camera flash unit.

  6. The basic rule of light is that the larger the light source, the softer the light will be. You don't need an expert lighting kit to increase the size of your light source.

  7. Another thing to examine is the direction of the light. Lighting subjects from the front can look strange because we rarely see things this way in real life. As discussed earlier, bouncing light off a nearby ceiling or wall will make your photos look more natural.

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