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Fun at Food and Drink - Cluburb PowerPoint Presentation
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Fun at Food and Drink - Cluburb

Fun at Food and Drink - Cluburb

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Fun at Food and Drink - Cluburb

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  1. Food and Drink Complete FUN @ Food & Drink


  3. Fire and Water, don't really mix. You could say they're incompatible. But when they do love each other, they love passionately. Likewise, expect a magical dining experience at the brand new restaurant FireWater. Grab a table by the window for a gorgeous view of the new Hyderabad. Or get cozy in a PDR. Take your time appreciating the walls done in wooden flooring finish and the various embellishments that make up a classy decor. Coming to food, be it a Moroccan Platter or a Watermelon & Feta Salad, veteran chef Mario Aigner's menu follows one simple code - classy food from all over the world!

  4. Like the Jack Daniel's Chicken Sizzler - chicken breasts marinated in classic Jack Daniel's sauce served with Mashed Potatoes. Or for an Oriental take, the Tai Chin Chilli Chicken - stir fried chicken in Thai sauce. Go desi with flavors from around the country like the KareliGoshtMasala to Kona Seema'sNatuKodiPulusu to Kerala's Appams and Stew. For desserts, you can go Italian with a Panna Cotta with Blueberry Sauce or go Middle-Eastern with a Moulabia (Mahalabia) - a milk based pudding. Proof that Fire and Water can really mix!


  6. A falta de pan, tortillas! That means, in the absence of Bread, Tortillas! This love for Mexican food brought the couple Griffith David and Elizabeth Bowden-David along with chef Dan Durkin to start Habanero, a true Tex-Mex dining experience. Chef Dan Durkin from the American Southwest with years of experience in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong delivers an authentic Tex-Mex menu. The traditional Mexican looking Decor and the Menu get the expert input of Elizabeth Bowden-David from her years of stay in Mexico. Get drooling as they make Holy Guacamole right at your table. Enjoy this chunky Avocado Dip with some crispy Corn Chips.

  7. Have some Habanero Fiesta Chicken Salad that comes with Quesadillas topped with beans, corn, carrot and tomato in Ranch dressing. Besides the Quesadillas, Burritos and Fajitas, you may want to try from Chef Dan's signature favorites Fish Veracruz, Eggplant and Black Bean Stack, Stuffed Roasted Red Pepper or the Chef's beloved Pork Green Chilli Stew. And for the customary sweet ending, the TresLeches is divine. A butter cake soaked in three kinds of milk (full cream, evaporated and condensed) and garnished with fruit! Don't forget to get your passport stamped 'Habanero' when you leave. Because you are indeed leaving Mexico!


  9. Spock always said 'Live Long and Prosper.' He was a Vulcan. You can't be Vulcan. But you can be Vegan! And if you thought being Vegan is a sacrifice, try some food from That Vegan Bakery. Passionate Vegan Ms.Visala's vision for a cruelty free world, led her to start The Vegan NGO out of her home on Road No.9 Jubilee Hills. You can revel in the scrumptiousness of the soft Brownies or crisp Choco Chip Cookies. Or, you can nourish your taste buds with Hummus and Pita Bread.

  10. Garnish the experience with a cup of delightful Apple Crumble or Yummy Banana Bread. Try out Veeze, the Vegan Cheese, made out of pure coconut milk. Suddenly, you know your home-made pizzas and salads can get even better! And the best part is that all this money you're spending goes towards spreading awareness about Veganism and Animal Liberty. Ready to make a commitment, now?

  11. As I said earlier there is complete fun at Food and Drink in Hyderabad

  12. Thank you for your Time More Food and Drink @ Cluburb