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Procedural Bulletins

Procedural Bulletins. IDOC Community Corrections Division. Tayler Horton TaHorton@idoc.IN.gov Leslie Jackson LeJackson@idoc.IN.gov Jason Mitchell JasMitchell@idoc.IN.gov Lauren Moore LMoore2@idoc.IN.gov Grant Peters GrPeters@idoc.IN.gov. Contact Information. Program Directors.

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Procedural Bulletins

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  1. Procedural Bulletins IDOC Community Corrections Division

  2. Tayler Horton TaHorton@idoc.IN.gov Leslie Jackson LeJackson@idoc.IN.gov Jason Mitchell JasMitchell@idoc.IN.gov Lauren Moore LMoore2@idoc.IN.gov Grant Peters GrPeters@idoc.IN.gov Contact Information Program Directors

  3. Where can I find the Procedural Bulletins? Procedural Bulletins can be found online https://www.in.gov/idoc/2320.htm

  4. What changes have been made? Section 1: General Division Policies Section 2: Grants & Contractual Compliance Section 3: Evidence-Based Practices Section 4: Statistical Reporting Section 5: Financial Reporting Section 6: Community Transition Program

  5. Section One: General Division Policies

  6. Section 1: General Division Policies 1-1: Mission and Vision 1-2: Legal Foundation 1-3: Advisory Boards 1-4: Entity Policies & Required Documentation

  7. Section 1 - Procedural Bulletin # 2 Legal Foundation http://iga.in.gov/legislative/laws/2017/ic/titles/001

  8. Section 1 - Procedural Bulletin # 3 Advisory Boards • 22 members • Term of four (4) years • ALL grant funded entities must go through their Advisory Board for: • Financial transfers/budget • Policies/Documents • Grant approval • Collaboration Plan

  9. Section 1 - Procedural Bulletin # 3 Advisory Boards (continued) • Meetings • Once every three (3) months • Minutes • Sent to your Program Director • INVITE US!!!

  10. Section 1 - Procedural Bulletin # 4 Entity Policies & Required Documentation • Advisory Board Approval • Reviewed Annually • Policies • Documents

  11. Section Two: Grants and Contractual Compliance

  12. Section 2: Grants and Contractual Compliance 2-1: Purpose of the Grant 2-2: Grant Application Process* 2-3: Contract Agreement* 2-4: Technical Assistance 2-5: Notification of Contract Non-Compliance 2-6: Critical Incident Report 2-7: Entity Grievances

  13. Section 2 - Procedural Bulletin # 1 Purpose of the Grant • Target Population • Moderate to high risk felony offenders • Eligible Entities • Funding Guidelines

  14. Section 2 - Procedural Bulletin # 4 Technical Assistance • Technical assistance topics: • Use of Evidence-Based Practices & Programming • Collaboration Plans • Grant Application • Site Audit Preparation/Audit Tool Scoring • Grant Contract Requirements The assigned Program Director should be the grant funded entity’s first point of contact.

  15. Technical Assistance Action Plan County: _____________ Date: ___________ Entity: _______________ Program Director: _______________ GOAL STATEMENT:

  16. Section 2 - Procedural Bulletin # 5 Notification of Non-Compliance To remain eligible for financial aid, a countymust complywith its community corrections plan and the rules and minimum standards adopted by the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC)(IC12-2-6) Contract Non-Compliance: A verified violation of the executed grant contract, special conditions, procedural bulletins, and failure to follow statute, rule, or policy that cannot be remedied from Procedural Bulletin 2-4 Technical Assistance

  17. Section 2 - Procedural Bulletin # 5 Notification of Non-Compliance (continued) 1. IDOC Community Corrections Division will send written notification of Contract Non-Compliance 2. A hearing to decide whether compliance has been achieved (IC 4-21.5-3) 3. IDOC Commissioner may: • Suspend a portion of funding • Permanently terminate funding

  18. Section 2 - Procedural Bulletin # 6 Critical Incident Report • A serious event that interrupts routine operation • An event that generates public interest

  19. Section 2 - Procedural Bulletin # 7 Entity Grievances to IDOC 1. Detailed Written Report of Incident (Including: date, time, name/position of person issuing grievance) 2. Notify IDOC within ONE (1) business day (Both Director & Assistant Director) 3. Random Site Visit within 30 days* *if deemed necessary

  20. Section 2 - Procedural Bulletin # 7 Entity Grievances to IDOC(continued) 4. Program Director will report findings Non-Compliance: Grant or Law • Entity Director & Advisory Board Chairman notified • Procedural Bulletin 2-5: Notification of Contract Non-Compliance Non-Compliance: Procedural Bulletin(s) or Evidence Based Practices • Entity Director & Advisory Board Chairman notified • Technical Assistance Plan (2-4) Compliance • Notify Entity Director stating no further action needed

  21. Section Three: Evidence-Based Practices

  22. Section 3: Evidence-Based Practices 3-1: Principles of Effective Intervention 3-2: Programmatic Site Audits 3-3: Continuous Quality Improvement 3-4: Training

  23. Section 3 - Procedural Bulletin # 2 Programmatic Site Audits • Annual Site Audits • Components of a Site Audit • Preparation Expectations • Day of Site Audit

  24. Section 3 - Procedural Bulletin # 3 Continuous Quality Improvement • IC 11-12-1-2.5 • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Plan/Policy

  25. CQI Plan Stages/Levels of development • Basic • Standard • Enhanced The Department of Correction, Community Corrections Division, requires a copy of the entity’s CQI Plan/Policy to retain on file.

  26. Community Transition Program (CTP) IDOC Community Corrections Division

  27. Katelyn Staggs CTP Coordinator KStaggs1@idoc.in.gov Robin Lane CTP Support Staff rolane@idoc.in.gov Contact Information CTP Staff

  28. Section 6: Procedural Bulletin #1 Community Transition Program • Eligibility Requirements • No active Warrants/Detainers • Sentence with IDOC must be at least 2 years • Expected state of release must be Indiana • Cannot have a pending parole hearing • A & B, F1-F4 offenders who are eligible will require a court order of approval to be transported to CTP • C & D, F5 & F6 offenders who are eligible will require a court order of denial to NOT be transported to CTP • CTP participants must provide for their own medical care while on CTP

  29. Section 6: Procedural Bulletin #2 CTP Billing • $25 per day for participants, regardless of felony level • Submit Request for Reimbursement form to CTP staff by the 15th of the month • CTP staff will review the requests and send the county a CTP Billing Verification form • Discrepancies: County has 5 days to review • Sent to Fiscal Department for payment • Payment shall be sent within 60 days • May bill for an offender housed in the jail as long as the offender does not have any new pending charges • Jail may then bill Community Corrections

  30. Section 6: Procedural Bulletin #3 Warrant Request & Report of Conduct • Notify IDOC 2 HOURS after an individual’s whereabouts are unknown • CTP Coordinator: Katelyn Staggs kstaggs1@idoc.in.gov • Assistant Director: Elizabeth Darlage edarlage@idoc.in.gov • Include in the escape notification email: • State Form 30496 Request for Warrant • State Form 39590 Report of Conduct • Please refer to this procedural bulletin when filling out these forms

  31. Conduct and DHB’s • The Disciplinary Code for Adult Offenders • DHB process • Sanctions • Appeal • 7 business days from date of incident to conduct hearing • Order in the Court • IDOC offered training • DHB process • DHB forms

  32. Who do I contact for…? Medical Emergencies & Escapes • Katelyn Staggs, CTP Coordinator KStaggs1@idoc.in.gov • Liz Darlage, Assistant Director EDarlage@idoc.in.gov 2 hours

  33. For all other CTP related matters... DOC CTP E-mail CTPCoordinatorsNotifications@idoc.in.gov

  34. Research IDOC Community Corrections Division

  35. Section 4: Statistical Reporting 4-1: Statistical Reporting Overview 4-2: Community Corrections Quarterly Report and Resource Manual 4-3: 1006 Quarterly Report and Resource Manual 4-4: Monthly Snapshot 4-5: Syncplicity

  36. Research - Next Steps • Annual Report • Data cleaning • Trainings/Webinars

  37. Angie Estes Research Director AEstes2@idoc.IN.gov Contact Information Research

  38. Training IDOC Community Corrections Division

  39. Procedural Bulletin 3-4 https://www.in.gov/idoc/2320.htm To provide grant funded entities with foundational training related to community supervision and evidence-based practices.

  40. Jenna Morrow Training Director jmorrow@idoc.IN.gov Brianna Newton, Training Officer bnewton1@idoc.IN.gov Melody Boone, Training Officer Christina Nielson, Training Officer Aaron Staggs, Training Officer Contact Information Training Division

  41. Training and the Future Training Certifications and Calendar Rollout Increased Class Offerings & Availability E- Learning and Webinars Curriculum Development and Expansion

  42. Training Certifications and Calendar Rollout • IDOC Training Staff and Program Directors attending Evidence Based Practices Classes and Instructor Training Carey Guides and Bits EBP Supervisors Briefcase Carey Group Continuous Quality Improvement • Visit the IDOC website to view the Training Calendar: https://www.in.gov/idoc/files/2018%20Divion%20Training%20Calendar%206-12.pdf

  43. Carey Guides & BITS Licensing As of the end of May 2018, over half of the available licenses have been issued to community corrections staff. -378 Carey Guides licenses assigned -401 BITS licenses assigned Out of the assigned licenses, there are 100 staff members who have not utilized the resource. Their accounts are “uninitiated”. -Staff turnover and Carey Guides & BITS licensing.

  44. Carey Guides & BITS Licensing For any questions or concerns regarding licensing, please contact; Brie Newton, Training Officer bnewton1@idoc.in.gov

  45. Increased Class Offerings & Availability - Primary • Motivational Interviewing (MI) • Carey Group’s BITs & Guides—licenses provided upon completion of training with Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) Community Corrections Division or with Indiana Office of Court Services (IOCS) • Order in the Court • Community Transition Program (CTP) • Field Safety Training • Thinking for a Change (T4C) • PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) • Carey Group Publishing Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Training and Action Planning • Presentation Skills • Case Management • Carey Group Publishing Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) BriefCASE

  46. Increased Class Offerings & Availability - Secondary • Criminal Manipulation • Trauma Informed Care • CPR/AED/ First Aid • Report Writing • Calming the Storm • Personal Protection • Security Skills

  47. E-Learning and Webinars

  48. Curriculum Development & Expansion • Review past training locations • Review needed training locations • Identify Train the Trainers in the State • Increase collaborations • Research new opportunities/courses for training

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