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TROOP 338 Summer Camp

TROOP 338 Summer Camp Firelands Scout Reservation July 5-11, 2009 Troop 338 will be camping in the Kickapoo Campsite which is the best site in camp. It is closest to the lake, mess hall, showers and trading post. Tents, cots and mattresses are provided. Scouts can bring personal tents.

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TROOP 338 Summer Camp

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  1. TROOP 338Summer Camp Firelands Scout Reservation July 5-11, 2009

  2. Troop 338 will be camping in the Kickapoo Campsite which is the best site in camp. It is closest to the lake, mess hall, showers and trading post. • Tents, cots and mattresses are provided. • Scouts can bring personal tents.

  3. Cost to attend is $210. • Monies are due by May 5, 2009. • Popcorn profit can be applied toward the cost of camp. • Camperships are available if financial assistance is needed. See Mr. Thum for further information which will be kept confidential.

  4. Health forms are needed for everyone attending camp. Forms are available tonight if you have yet to turn in a form for your son. • The health form has changed so all attendees will need a physical examination by a family physician.

  5. Part B PHYSICAL EXAMINATION Height____________ Weight_____________ Meets height/weight limits Yes No Blood pressure___________ Pulse______________ Individuals desiring to participate in any high-adventure activity or events in which emergency evacuation would take longer than 30 minutes by ground transportation will not be permitted to do so if they exceed the weight limit as documented at the bottom of this page. Enforcing the height/weight limit is strongly encouraged for all other events, but it is not mandatory. (For healthy height/weight guidelines, visit www.cdc.gov.)

  6. Important Health Form Information • Parts A, B and C are required for summer camp. • Health forms are good for 12 calendar months. • Forms must be signed by a doctor. • If a health form is not available that person will not be allowed to enter camp.

  7. Changes from last year: • Tri-Sci patch for older scouts who earn Plant Science, Animal Science and Geology merit badges. • Cycling merit badge being offered. Scout will complete 15 and 25 mile hikes with one overnight trip off the reservation. (Eagle required) • First Aid merit badge being offered over three evenings.

  8. Changes from last year: • Other new merit badges being offered include: • American Business • American Labor • Communications * • Entrepreneurship • Personal Management * * Eagle Required

  9. Changes from last year: • Field trips be offered • Castalia State Fish Hatchery • Local Farm Tour • Mad River Railroad Museum * • Huron Fishing Pier • Allen Memorial Art Museum • Inland Seas Maritime Museum * • Schoeple Arboretum • Edison Birthplace Museum * • Space limited for all field trips. * Additional fee for this event

  10. Changes from last year: • Specialists will be present for Bird Study, Fly Fishing and Outdoor Cooking Skills. • Laptops hooked up to the internet will be available for older scouts doing research for merit badges. • Wireless internet will be available for scout leaders.

  11. Changes from last year: • All campers will eat meals at the same time in the Lake Lodge. • All meals on Boy Scout side of camp (no more walking to Cub Scout side) • Camp-wide flag raising. • Locked storage boxes provided to leaders to store medications in troop campsite.

  12. Changes from last year: • New handicraft shelter. • Campsites reseeded Fall 2008. • May have mosquito fogger. • Pocket size Leader Guide. • Merit badge online signup and confirmation.

  13. Leader fees are $80. • Based upon number of scouts attending we will have up to five free leader fees which will be divided up amongst all attending leaders based upon number of day in camp. • Cost for “brother fee” is $200. This pertains to families with more than one scout in our troop.

  14. Summer Camp Shake Down will take place Tuesday, June 23, 2009 for all attendees. • We meet at the Legion at 12:15 on July 5th to depart for camp. • Visitors must sign in upon arrival. • If for any reason you have to take your son home you must sign him out. Sign out is at the Boathouse. • You do not need to sign in on family night.

  15. Family night is Wednesday, July 8th. • Arrival is 5:30 p.m. and ends following the evening campfire. • We will eat in the dining hall and will need to know how many will be joining us for dinner. Cost is $6 for adults and $5 for children under 11 years of age. • Program areas will be open following dinner so parents can see what activities are available.

  16. If you think your son may suffer from homesickness, we strongly recommend you consider not attending family night. • There is a full time nurse on site at all times. • A note signed by a parent or guardian, with directions for dispensing must accompany all over-the counter medications. All medicines must be in original containers.

  17. No radios, CD’s, tape players, cell phones, hand held video games, tv’s, Ipods or other electronic devices are allowed. • Scoutmasters will have cell phones for emergencies. • The reservation phone number is 440-965-5703.

  18. Two way radios are prohibited by youth members other than the Senior Patrol Leader. • No sheath knives or guns allowed. • Scout knives only allowed for those scouts who have earned their Totin’ Chip Card.

  19. Scouts and leaders are to wear their Class A shirts (no neckerchiefs) to the American Legion for departure and to dinner each night as well as campfires. • Scouts and leaders who will be taking the swimming test should wear their swimsuits either under their shorts or as shorts for departure. • Scouts must shower at least every other day.

  20. Class B shirts are recommended during the day – this can include any scout related t-shirt. • Class B ordering opportunity will be communicated soon. • All clothing and accessories must reflect the values of scouting. • Sandals are not recommended. • See handout for list of recommended camp equipment.

  21. Some merit badges require pre-work. This pre-work must be completed and checked off by patrol advisor prior to camp. If pre-work is not completed, scout will be dropped from that badge and assigned another badge that requires no pre-work. The new badge may not be the most desirable so be prepared!

  22. Unless pre-approval is granted by a Scoutmaster, older scouts will enroll in no fewer than four merit badges. • First year scouts will participate in the Trailblazer Program. This is an outstanding basic scout educational program. • First year scouts will take no fewer than two merit badges.

  23. The Senior Patrol Leader and ASPL’s will assign waiter duty and clean up duty for all scouts. If a scout has a conflict, he must notify the SPL and provide name of scout who will take his assignment. • All scouts and leaders will participate in the Chief Wyandot program.

  24. Other Merit Badges Offered: • Archery • Bird Study • Emergency Preparedness * • Fly-Fishing • Leatherwork • Nature • Pioneering • Rowing • Swimming*

  25. Other Merit Badges Offered: • Art • Camping * • Environmental Science * • Forestry • Lifesaving * • Oceanography • Sculpture • Shotgun Shooting • Weather

  26. Other Merit Badges Offered: • Astronomy • Canoeing • Fingerprinting • Geology • Mammal Study • Orienteering • Reptile/Amphibian • Small Boat Sailing • Wilderness Survival

  27. Other Merit Badges Offered: • Basketry • Climbing/Rappelling • Fish/Wildlife • Indian Lore • Motor Boating • Photography • Rifle Shooting • Soil/Water Conservation • Woodcarving *Eagle Required

  28. Merit Badges Requiring Pre-Work: • Archery • Leatherwork • Nature • Swimming • Art • Camping • Environmental Science • Forestry • Oceanography • Shotgun Shooting

  29. Merit Badges Requiring Pre-work • Astronomy • Canoeing • Geology • Mammal Study • Orienteering • Reptile/Amphibian • Basketry • Fish/Wildlife • Soil/Water Conservation

  30. Other Programs Offered • Vespers • Fishing Derby/Fish Fry • Astronomy Hike • Introduction to Photography • Davey Crockett Rifle Shooting Competition • Edible Plant Hike • Huck Finn Raft Race (we won last year!) • Order of Arrow Calling Out Ceremony

  31. Other Programs Offered: • Robin Hood Archery Shooting Contest • Polar Bear Swim • Mile Swim • Thunder Bird Shoot Contest.

  32. Questions? • Feel free to ask questions now or contact any scoutmaster. • Summer Camp is one of the best events we participate in throughout the scouting year!

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