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Gerberas – Their Colors and Meanings

Have a look at this presentation to know the various colors of Gerberas and their hidden meanings explained by the expert Fort Smith florists. For more, click http://qualityflowers.net/

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Gerberas – Their Colors and Meanings

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  1. Gerbera – The Hidden Meaning behind its Colors www.qualityflowers.net

  2. Gerberas are such stunning flowers that feature rich colors and a gorgeous appearance. In fact, the Gerbera is the fifth most popular flower in the world. Here are some common colors of this flower and their simple, hidden meanings. www.qualityflowers.net

  3. Light Pink Light pink Gerberas represent sympathy and admiration. Hence light pink Gerberas are often the best choice as a friendship gift or a get-well present. There are darker shades of pink Gerberas too that symbolize gratitude. www.qualityflowers.net

  4. Orange Orange Gerberas symbolize the feelings of warmth, care, and creativity. This is why orange Gerberas are ideal to express emotions of friendship and kindness. With its bright and bold color, orange Gerberas equal happiness and optimism. www.qualityflowers.net

  5. White White is the color that represents purity and innocence. They also mean humility, innocence, or sympathy for a family of the deceased. www.qualityflowers.net

  6. Yellow Similar to orange, yellow Gerberas are synonymous with happiness. Give a bunch of yellow Gerberas to someone celebrating their victory or success over something such as graduation, for instance. Yellow is the color that induces the feelings of joy and it’s the perfect flower to celebrate with. www.qualityflowers.net

  7. Now that you know what the different colors of Gerberas represent, shop for some and gift them to your loved ones. You could also mix these colors to create an appealing flower arrangement. For more, Visit www.qualityflowers.net Call (479) 783-5146 www.qualityflowers.net

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