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FAREWELL 05-06 Cheerleaders

FAREWELL 05-06 Cheerleaders.

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FAREWELL 05-06 Cheerleaders

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  1. FAREWELL 05-06 Cheerleaders Well...this is it. I want to thank all of the cheerleaders and their families for making this first time adventure truly awesome! I have enjoyed all of the experiences we have shared and can't wait to do it again. To the freshmen... I has been a pleasure. You are a truly amazing group of girls. It's going to be hard to let you go, we've started this together! You will always be my first squad...I Love You Guys! Thanks Debbie and Jen for keeping me sane and the new friendships. Love, Willie Looking back on this past year makes me wonder how we ever got through it! Wow, you all did and accomplished so much! From Top Team, a bid to Nationals, to 1st place at the Dallas Cowboy competition, you all totally kicked everyone’s butt! I am very proud of all of you. You have worked harder this year than any other squad at Haltom has ever worked. Juniors, I love you all very much. You know you are my babies! Seniors, I think I will actually cry when you all graduate. I have gotten so close to all of you; I hate to see you leave. You have brought so much to the squad. I pray that every group can be like you all. I love you all very much! Coach B To my wonderful Ladies of, 2005-2006 JV: I wish you all good luck in tryouts! You have worked hard this year and you will definitely have the benefit of experience. I know you will do great! Take care and keep working hard to pass your classes the rest of the year. Love Always, Coach R. Coaches, Cheerleaders & Parents – Thank you for a great year! I have enjoyed being “the voice” to you all! Your love, support & most importantly… the information!, has made creating the newsletter each month easy!! Always follow your dreams!! “What we believe determines how we behave and both determine what we become”!!! Much Love, Connie Webb. Haltom Spirit Newsletter 05-06

  2. Amanda’s Peace Out Letter I had one of the best years of my life, and not it’s almost over. Varsity – you girls are AWESOME! Cootsie (my lil FIREMAN!) you’re so funny, Angie you are so sweet. Felicia you are very well organized & Amber you’re a sweetheart. ALL OF YOU VARSITY, have great qualities and should stay just the way you are! Don’t change for anyone!! Coach B, you are such a wonderful person. I want to thank you for everything! You really don’t know how truly blessed I feel to have had you as not only my coach, but a friend. We have so many memories; I’m gonna miss you so much! Seniors, we have finally become closer, ya’ll are some of my best friends. Everyone else I wish good luck in life. I will truly miss you girls!! Love Always, Amanda T Varsity Captain 05-06 Hey! Well, what can I say… First of all, I’m gonna miss a lot of you guys! I had so much fun. Whit, Tiff, Fash, May: I LOVE you guys so much!! The best advice I can give to you up coming seniors is STICK TOGETHER at all times; never split up!! You will enjoy and have more fun with out the drama!! Good Luck at try-outs, work hard and it will pay off. Just remember whatever you put into something is what you will get out of it. Have fun!! Love Always, Shantel M Varsity Spirit Captain 05-06 Seniors Wow, this year was the best ever!! Seniors, I Y You guys so much!! Thank you for always being there for me!! Juniors, you guys came a long way!! Enjoy your senior year because it’s gonna fly by! The last thing you know your gonna be cheering at your last football game! I wish you guys the best!! Cootsie & Angie, Oh my, you guys make me smile everyday! Yall are on of the reasons this year was the best! Stay sweet and beautiful!! I love ya cochinas!! Whit & FeFe, you guys are awesome cheerleaders and friends! Be role models for the new cheerleaders next year. Now the BEST for last… Coach B, you’re like my 2nd Mom! Thank you so much for always caring about us and wanting the best for us!! You taught me so much about cheerleading, and also about life! I love you so much! I hope everybody has an awesome year! Don’t miss me too much!! I love you guys!! Love, Anabel V Wow.. I can’t believe it’s actually over! Varsity, I’m going to miss you guys so much. Felicia, you are such an amazing person, you will go so far in life. Savi, you have improved so much this year. You are an awesome friend. Cutsie, you are always the life of the party. I’m going to miss you very much. I wish all of varsity the best next year and in your lives. Please keep in touch and if you guys ever need anything don’t hesitate to call!! Good Luck with try-outs and next year! I love you guys! Hope to see you guys at my wedding!! Bye-Bye!! -– Y – Always, Jennifer G Class of 2006! YEA! And always remember Anthony Lewis LOVES You ALL! “A-Train”

  3. I would just like to say farewell and good luck to all the seniors this year! You truly this year a great one! You all mean so much to me and I know you’ll succeed in the future! I would also like to say farewell to the juniors. We’re going to be Seniors next year and let's make it amazing! I Y U! Felicia W Farewell seniors of 2006!! This year was really fun! I hope ya’ll enjoyed it as much as I did. I had a lot of fun this year being the mascot... Tripping and falling all over the place, what a blast!! I have learned a lot from each of you, and hope you remember everyone through your upcoming years. Good Luck Seniors!! Brooser Varsity Mascot 05-06 05-06, cheers we made it!! A great year, and we accomplished so much, You all are great people and awesome athletes. I’ll miss you seniors, good luck in your future endeavors. Good Luck to all in tryouts, try your hardest! I don’t want to loose any of you girls!! Savanah A Varsity Wow, I have no idea where to start!! This year has been so amazing! I just want to let every squad know how glad I am to have been able to become so close with yall. Varsity, we have accomplished so much this year. We’ve had our ups & downs but in the end, we’ve always been able to rise above. We have truly become an awesome squad. Thx seniors for guiding us and preparing us for next year. Cootsie, Tiff & Feli, I’m going to miss out Friday night photo shoots, I love you guys so much. Coach B, I know I was scared of you, but like I said but like I said… Now you’re scared of me! I just wanted to say you really are an amazing Coach & you have really help me get through this year & to become the cheerleader I am now, I love you coach! Love, Angie H Hello my love ones! WOW! So tell me what an awesome year we’ve had together! We’ve made so many memories from the “OH EMILY!” moments, to Frosty’s delicious cakes… and lets not forget the long tiring comp practices!! Our squad has accomplished a lot of things that haven’t been done before, so I’m really proud of you all! I am really that our year together has winded down so quickly, and I will definitely miss you seniors. Ya’ll are wonderful and make me smile – I love you guys! Felicia, Coots and Angie – OMG I’ve had such an awesome time because of ya’ll. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without ya!! As for Everyone else, I love you all too!! Good Luck to everyone next year!! Y- Tiffany L P.S. Miss Jade Jordan, you’ll always be my Lil’ Sis!! I love you!

  4. To my cheer family: Thanks for all of the best times Of my junior year! Freshman, I’ll never forget my first kidnapping. Ya’ll were lookin pretty HOT! I love yall little kiddos a lot! JV, Ya’ll crack me up… all of you! To all of the first year girls, ya’ll did GREAT! I love yall & I’ll see you next year! To my varsity, from tears of competition, to all of Frosty’s cakes, yall make me smile! Even though we’ve had some tough times, we all stuck together! I love yall so much & yall will help me to never forget my junior year. BIG Hugs & Kisses! Coaches, Thanks for running me to death… cuz even though I hated yall then, I love yall to death now! See ya next year!! I Y U Guys!! Amber S Hey everyone!! Just want to say that this year has been so much fun! Getting to meet new freshman and being on a new squad, wow! I’ve made a lot of different accomplishments and I couldn’t of done any of it without ya’ll. I want to say Good-bye to the seniors, ya’ll have been an inspiration to all of us! Thank you guys for teaching us a lot of new things & being there for us all! Good Luck with life! I love all of you so much!! Jessica J Coach B, Coach R & Willie, I love you coaches so much! All of our accomplishments this year are because of you three. Your dedication to us a squad and as individuals is the reason we succeed. Thank you! Coach B, three years together & I love you more than ever!! You are truly the best coach I’ve ever had… Well, other than my Nanny!! You inspire me to never give up & always try my hardest. I love you so much and cannot wait til next year! Seniors, I cannot believe this year has already flown by, I’m going to miss yall so much! I Y U ALL SO MUCH!! Thank you for your friendships, your leadership, and your awesome talent!! I’ve learned so much from each of you!! Good Luck in the real world!! Juniors, you’re all my BEST friends!! I Y You all so much!! I hope our friendships last a lifetime! I will cherish the memories forever! Yall are awesome cheerleaders & I know we will achieve & accomplish more next year… as seniors!! JV & Freshman – each one of you improved so much this year. Yall are great cheerleaders & one of a kind! Thank yall for never giving up & always giving your best! I am looking forward to seeing all of you next year! I love yall!! Mommy, Thank you for being involved in my life & doing the Booster Club every year I’ve been a Cheerleader. I know it kills you at times, but you never give up & you are always there for me. Also, thank you for going to all my football games and being my #1 fan. I love you so much & I am so thankful to have you as a Mother. Go Buffs!! Whitney W Varsity It’s been an awesome year! I’m going to miss all the wonderful memories. We’ve gotten closer everyday & I know the juniors are going to become even closer next year. I’ll bring lots of cake next year because I make the BEST cakes ever! Seniors, good luck in the future & I hope ya’ll are successful in life. Amanda-Baby, wow I’m going to miss seeing you in the halls, taking pictures, laughing so much where we would get in trouble, and teaching you Spanish words. You were a wonderful captain! Oh yeah & our songs!! FIREMAN! Anabel, wow we’ve know each other since like Middle School! We crack up about everything where we would get in trouble in our stunt group! Take 2,000 pictures! I love you so much, never change; I’ll miss you Nina! Jennifer, you’re so cute! I love how we were taking Spanish because both of us can’t say it right! We laugh at everything & you never gave up when we were in competition. Shantel, you’re a wonderful Spirit Captain & made a lot of chants that were good & we always do our “Raven Thing”! You Nasty! We would laugh at so many things, you always kept us going. Siéra, you’re very nice & I’m so glad you sit next to me in class! I can’t wait for your baby, it’s going to be so pretty! I’m going to miss ALL of you! I hope everyone has a good year!! I Yyou all!! Frosty

  5. Coaches, thank you so much! This year would not be the same without yall! I luv Coach Romada!! All Cheerleaders, Ya’ll are such a wonderful group of girls, thanks for such a good year! Good luck at tryouts! JV, hey ladies! This being my first year of cheering, wow it has been fun! Good job to the remaining girls who stuck together. We had so many good good laughs this year! I hope next year is just as fun! Good luck at tryouts! Nickie T Well, I just want to say good bye to all the seniors! I hope that everyone had a great year!! I Yyou all!! Lauren P My experience this year in cheerleading was a difficult but great year! I’ve learned so much from the varsity and JV squads. I hope next year will be better and more fun. To the seniors and to the cheerleaders that are not returning, good luck and we’ll miss you!! I Yyou all!! Teresa T JR Varsity This year has been an awesome and challenging year, I could not have made it without my true friends, you were all really there for me. I love you all!! May D Junior Varsity – I wanna say thanks for making it a good year!! To the seniors leaving, I wanna say good luck in everything you do in life!! I Yyou!! All of you!! Johnnae J

  6. I would like to say farewell to my wonderful freshman squad. Overall this year has been pretty good. We eventually learned how to work together and work as a squad. I’m looking forward to everyone making tryouts in April and being able to be on JV with yall. Good Luck my loves!! YAlways, Chelsea W Oh my goodness! I’ve had a fabulous year with all of you guys! Coach Willie you’re an amazing coach & I’m glad you were my coach cause your awesome! I am going to miss my Big Sis, Jennifer so much! She’s so gorgeous & I love her to death! I love my parents so much & they are super supportive! Amanda T was the most awesome captain ever! I love her & she’s very gorgeous. I guess who I would like to say thanks to is Chelsea W, because she has always been there for me! Well at least since 6th grade. I love her to death! Well Thanks girls for an amazing year! I Y you all! Shannon W Farewell freshman squad! This has been a great year! We have so many memories I won’t ever forget! Little Bit (Shannon) & TayTay (Taylor) yall are great flyers! Traci & Fashonette, yall are great bases! Zonie (Amanda) & Chelsea were great fronts even though Amanda zoned out sometimes! Hammy (Jillian) & Caylin were greawt backs and if it wasn’t for yall, someone would have got hurt! Jade you were a great base and flyer, even though you trip me most of the time! Well I hope to see all of yall on JV next year and I know it’s going to be great, like this year! Now Coach Williams, I’m gonna miss you so much! I Yyou!! Savanah, you were a great big sis and so helpful! You dressed me up like a nerd! This was a great year gurls! Love Always, Alexis P OMG! This year has been so fun!! I will miss this team! Good Luck for JV!! I Y U ALL!! Caylin G This year has been so awesome & so many wonderful memories! Rach and everyone, ok you are special to me!! Love Yall! I’m going to miss Coach Willy too!! Love, Amanda J I just wanted to say that this year has been an experience! I want to say goodbye and good luck to all the seniors and that I love yall so much! Also I want to wish good luck to all the cheerleaders trying out next year! And to my squad, I hope we all make it! Love yall!! Traci K Freshman Bye, I love you!! Taylor M Oh my gosh! This year has went by so fast! I can’t believe it’s over. To all the seniors, I love yall so freakin much!! I’m going to miss ya’ll & good luck! Everyone else, I love you & I know we’re going to have another great year! I Yyou all!! Fashionette G Farewell to my freshman! I had fun with all of yall! This year was good with all of yall init. Also, I would like to say farewell to Anabel cuz I will miss you a lot!! And to Whitney W & Tiffany! Yall made the competition squad real fun for me! I Y You all so very much! Jade J WOW! It feels like I just got to know yall & now yall are leaving!! I’ll miss yall!! Love, Jillian D

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