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Army Test and Evaluation Command

Test and Evaluation in Support of Transformation. Dr. James Streilein Director, Army Evaluation Center (AEC). Army Test and Evaluation Command. “MANPRINT in T&E Challenges”. Past record of successes (C2V, FOX, Div. XXI, IAV……LOSAT) Strengthening relationship with ARL-HRED

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Army Test and Evaluation Command

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  1. Test and Evaluationin Support of Transformation Dr. James StreileinDirector, Army Evaluation Center (AEC) Army Test and Evaluation Command

  2. “MANPRINT in T&E Challenges” • Past record of successes (C2V, FOX, Div. XXI, IAV……LOSAT) • Strengthening relationship with ARL-HRED • Resourcing is an uphill challenge

  3. AGENDA • History of ATEC • ATEC Mission, Organization • ATEC Involvement in IAV, BCT • ATEC - HRED Coordination • MANPRINT in T&E • Summary

  4. TECOM DevelopmentalTest & Evaluation(DTE) TECOM (DT) AMSAA SLAD Jun 96 VCSA Approved CAE Nov 98 VCSA Approved CAT Consolidation of Army Evaluation Consolidation of Army Testing OPTEC FOA Reportingto VCSA TEXCOMOperational Testing(OT) OECOperational Evaluation(OE) EAC Formed OPTEC TEXCOM (OT) OEC (OE) EAC (DE) ATEC History(Post 1990) AMC

  5. Alexandria HQ ATEC ITSA HQ AECADED AVED IED CCED CSED FSED IMAEDC3ED Ft Greely CRTC Aberdeen HQ DTC ATC SED(AEC) ILS (AEC) R&M (AEC) • Army’s test and evaluation activity • Reports on system operational effectiveness, suitability, & survivability • Conducts Developmental Test (DT), • independent Operational Test (OT), • & integrated System Evaluations Ft. Lewis ATEC BCT TECO DTC Field Office Ft Leavenworth ATEC LNO Ft Sill FSTD Dugway DPG Ft. Monmouth AECField Office Hawaii TRTC SEC, Army • Ft Monroe ATEC LNO DUSA (OR) CSA Ft. Bragg ABNSOTD U.S. Army Developmental Test Command (DTC) VCSA Yuma YPG AVCSA Redstone Arsenal RTTC Ft Rucker ATTC Ft. Bliss ATSA ADATD AEC Field Office U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) Ft Huachuca EPG IEWTD Ft. Hood HQ OTC ECSTD AVTD CCTD C4TD ACTID TESA ACAITSA DTC Field Office White Sands WSMR U.S. Army Operational Test Command (OTC) U.S. Army Evaluation Center (AEC) ATEC Mission, Organization & Locations

  6. Early InvolvementBCT • Supported Platform Performance Demonstration (PPD) - Dec 99 - Jan 00 • TRADOC “Market Survey” • Assessed 35 different vehicles • 5 foreign countries participated • Bid Sample (Source Selection) - Jun 00 • Assess key performance parameters of offerors • Limited to Infantry Carrier Vehicle assessment • Supports MS I/II and Early LRIP decision ATEC tested prototype systems & provided “near-real-time” data feedback to the SSEB using VISIONS database

  7. FT. Lewis BCT Developmental Training OCT NOV OCT NOV JAN 01 FEB JAN 01 FEB BOS Teams STAFF/ CDR BN BDE SEP NOV CO CO JUN AUG PLT PLT MAY JUL Refine SQD SQD Provided two training assessment reports to TRADOC Refine Unit Chain of command

  8. IAV Family of Vehicles • Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) Variant Per Brigade* • Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) 108 • Mortar Carrier Vehicle (MCV) 36 • Antitank Guided Missile Vehicle (ATGM) 12 • Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV) 54 • Fire Support Vehicle (FSV) 13 • Engineer Squad Vehicle (ESV) 9 • Commander’s Vehicle (CV) 39 • Medical Evacuation Vehicle (MEV) 20 • NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle (NBCRV) 4 • Mobile Gun System (MGS) Variant 36 Until contract award, it is not known which systems will be available for the IOTE next summer Bringing RFP in sync with Army POM,i.e. 5BCT to 6BCT raises vehicle procurement totals from 1911 to 2131 Total 331 *Per Solicitation Requirements

  9. Current TRADOC Approved COIC -Load into, fly in C-130, unload ready to fight COI #4:Does the IAV family of vehicles support missions IAW the IBCT O&O? -Ratings on MTP tasks -Mission results -Host & Integrate C4ISR -Egress and Ingress Infantry and Engineer Interim Armored Vehicle Family COIC Effectiveness Suitability Survivability COI #2:Does the IAV meet transportability requirements for the IBCTIAW the IBCT O&O? COI# 3:Does the training support package support IAV platform training? COI #5:Does the IAV provide an adequate level of protection to occupants in operations IAW the IAV ORD? COI #1 Is the IAV suitable to support operations IAW the IBCT O&O? -New Equipment Training -Results of COI 1, 2 and 4 -1000 mean mile between failure -Rapid Refuel -Self-recovery/Tow -HFE/Safety -Soldier Survivability Assessment -USC Title 10 Live Fire: direct, overhead, and mines. - HEMP, NBC

  10. P3I BLOCK MOD PROD- FIELD Contractor Testing PROD- FIELD PROD- FIELD EMD Contractor Testing Contractor Testing PDRR IAV Long Range T&E Strategy FY 00 FY 01 FY 02 FY 03 FY 04 FY 05 FY 06 4 QTR 4 QTR 1 QTR 2 QTR 2 QTR 3 QTR 4 QTR 4 QTR 1 QTR 4 QTR 1 QTR 2 QTR 3 QTR 1 QTR 2 QTR 3 QTR 1 QTR 2 QTR 3 QTR 4 QTR 2 QTR 3 QTR 1 QTR 2 QTR 3 QTR 1 QTR FUE BCT Events IOC BN/BDE CPX SQD/PLT/CO STX T&E Events for ICV Configurations & MGS will be updated based on contract award IAV Events MS I/II Bid Sample PVT MS III LUT LFT&E ICV + 1-2 MGS Configurations IOT&E LRIP LLI MS III LUT LFT&E / PVT MGS + 4-5 ICV Configurations P3I BLOCK MOD PQT IOT&E LRIP MS III LFT&E / PVT LUT Final 1-2 ICV Configurations IOT&E P3I BLOCK MOD PPQT PQT EMD LRIP

  11. Model Test Model Janus IOTE Live Simulation Appliqué CASTFOREM Model-Test-Model Methodology Constructive Simulation • Issues • System Performance • Force Structure • Scenarios IOT Results Post-IOTE Janus Collect and provide liveevent data CASTFOREM Force Effectiveness Scenario and Issue Analysis Live Assessment Model Validation Company Mission Success Templates Battalion Brigade Base-line Comparison CASTFOREM - Combined Arms and Support Task Force Evaluation Model

  12. BCT IOTE • Supports a MS III and DAB for the IAV and other tested configurations • Focus on the ICV’s impacts on mission accomplishment • C4ISR operations key to unit operations / evaluation • COIC’s in staffing • Supportable by industry

  13. ATEC - HRED Cooperation • Integration of MANPRINT into T&E efforts stated in ATEC directives • On-going involvement of HRED personnel in T&E events and AST • Strong Support by Senior Leadership • CG, ATEC serves on MANPRINT BA • HRED Field Element at ATEC HQ

  14. Summary • ATEC is providing independent : • - Insights and feedback to materiel developers throughout the acquisition lifecycle • - Assessments and evaluations on effectiveness, suitability, and survivability • - Advice to Senior Army Leaders • Approaching future with confidence: • - Accomplish an increasing workload through an • Integrated T&E process ATEC is performing a critical role in preparing the Army for the Future!

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