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NSW Photography Rights & Legal Issues PowerPoint Presentation
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NSW Photography Rights & Legal Issues

NSW Photography Rights & Legal Issues

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NSW Photography Rights & Legal Issues

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  1. NSW Photography Rights & Legal Issues Dr Warwick Bateman OAM Asst Chief Commissioner

  2. Is it illegal to take photographs of a person without their consent? • Not in Australia,(If they can look at you they have a right to photograph you. Unless by a Government Dept or large corporation.) • What about Council restrictions? NO. Council restrictions against "unauthorised" photographs at Sydney beaches or swimming pools were revoked in 2005. This was because the restrictions were found to be legally and politically unenforceable. • Remember you are already photographed without your permission dozens of times a day, usually when you enter a bank, a railway station, supermarket , at football & tennis by TV etc

  3. When do you need a person's consent to take their photograph? • (1) According to the NSW Workplace Surveillance Act 2005, employees cannot be filmed at work by their employers without their prior consent. • (2) Photographs must not be taken (or published) if a person's identity is protected by a court order (e.g.. a suppression order, witness protection, child custody or protection order). • (3)photographs are prohibited if you have a "reasonable expectation of privacy" (eg. in a toilet or changing room) AND the images are of a sexual nature and taken for "sexual gratification" purposes. • (3) Photographs of bathers at public beaches are not protected as there cannot be any "expectation of privacy" when in public places or crowds.

  4. I just saw a photo of me on a website The image was taken without my knowledge or permission isn't its publication illegal? • NO, It is only illegal in France and Quebec • The pictures aren't defamatory; • They aren't indecent, offensive or otherwise demean the people in them or; • They aren't being used for a "commercial purpose"

  5. Can I stop people taking photographs of my children? • NO • Only if the images are indecent or offensive • OR prevented by a Court Order

  6. Do I have any right to prevent people taking pictures on my private property? • On your property YES. You can legitimately order a photographer to stop taking photos when they are on your land. You can even use reasonable force to evict them if they refuse to comply. (BUT TRY NOT TO TOUCH THE PERSON ESPECIALLY THEIR CAMERA) • From outside your property NO. • When standing outside the property looking in NO

  7. WHAT ABOUT ME PUTTING SCOUTS PHOTO’S IN THE PAPER. • No problem • The child's name and Group is permissible • BUT not any data that identifies where they live, their phone number or email address. • Not in brief or unacceptable (to their Grandma) dress. • PROVIDING There is no legal restriction on them being photographed (Family Court usually, Protected Witness)