free time at don bosco s and in south africa hobbies sports music n.
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Free Time at Don Bosco‘s and in South Africa – Hobbies, sports , music PowerPoint Presentation
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Free Time at Don Bosco‘s and in South Africa – Hobbies, sports , music

Free Time at Don Bosco‘s and in South Africa – Hobbies, sports , music

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Free Time at Don Bosco‘s and in South Africa – Hobbies, sports , music

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  1. Free Time at Don Bosco‘sand in South Africa –Hobbies, sports, music Michael W. Müller Carl-Orff-Gymnasium Unterschleißheim

  2. Tell aboutyourselfandthinkaboutothers • How do you spend your free time? What role do sports, music and culture (art, movies, reading etc.) play in your life? • How do you think pupils at Don Bosco‘s, or in South Africa in general, spend their afternoons and weekends?

  3. The Salesian Institute in Cape Town Watch: • Whatimpression do yougetof Don Bosco Hostel? • Whatleisureactivitiesareshown in theclip?

  4. „Soccer, soccer, soccer“ Read the following statement by Nelly Burrows ofSalesian Institute Cape Town. “Because these children live in shelters or on the streets, they cannot keep any of their own personal items safe, so they only play with these items when they come to the Salesians.  Soccer is their first and foremost passion, if no ball is available on the streets, they play with plastic coke bottles, or tennis balls or anything they can make into a kicking item. Table soccer is also a favourite. We also have Indoor cricket tournaments, soccer tournaments, and we have tried netball (kind of like Basketball, but you cannot run) for the girls, but they prefer not to do sport.Realise, that many of these children are malnourished, and energy levels are not very high.  Stamina and long term fitness is difficult for them.  Many of them are also on some sort of recreational drug (TIK, dagga (hash) glue and other forms of mixtures combined with Heroin etc.).  So it is very difficult to get them sport fit. Rugby is secondary, even though we are the world champions (played mainly by whites). Sport is very expensive to play in this country, as sponsorships are few and far between, unless you are in the top.  So buying a soccer kit with boots, is almost impossible, if you come from a home with minimal or no income.”

  5. „Soccer, soccer, soccer“

  6. „Soccer, Soccer, Soccer“ Project „Youth Unlimited“ • Youth from Township Khayelitsha invited to join a soccer team • Coaches, balls, shirts etc. financed by donations (Missio etc.) • Aims: integration of underprivileged children, teaching of important values See as well:

  7. Discuss • Accordingto Nelly Burrows, whatproblems do childrenat Don Bosco‘s (in South Africa in general?) havetofacewhentheywanttoplaysoccer? • Why do youthinkprojectslike „Youth Unlimited“ are so important? • Whatvaluescanbelearnt, especiallybyplaying in a footballteam? • The officialsloganforthe 2010 Football World Cup in South Africais: „CelebrateAfrica‘sHumanity“. Whatchancesforthecountry do yousee? (

  8. Furtheractivitiesat Don Bosco‘s • Steelband drumming • Art classes • Swimming (we have a pool where they swim everyday) • Playing dominoes • Card games • Nativity concert, which includes an African flavour of drumming to it • Computers and games

  9. Music/ Art (N. Burrowsagain) • “Once a year we have the Cape Ministrels – Thousands of people dress up in tradional costumes of the old slave free day (2nd January), and play down the streets of Cape Town.  It is the biggest music event by the public in South Africa. Many coloured people, when they were enslaved during the 1800’s, had a day off on this day, and they hit the streets with music.  Today it is still going strong, and growing. • Contemporary dance is also quite popular, but a growing phenomena is ball room dancing!  • Music:  Many of the children love to play in the steel band.  They play at a big tourist site at the Cape Town Waterfront once a month, and also play at some other venues. African drumming is also a love for them, with natural rhythm showing from the very first lesson. Singing – two of our youth have recorded an album with their amazing voices. • Art:  We have soooo many talented black and coloured artists, of all types of arts.  They sell their pieces at markets on Sundays.  There is really some amazing stuff, so different, and so uninfluenced! • Many writers are emerging too.  But once again, publishers are sceptical – all about economics at the end of the day.“

  10. South African music Listen tothesong „Nomvula“ byFreshlyground: • Whatisthesongabout? • Whatroledoesitplay, thatthesongissung in Xhosa? • Howdidyoulikethesong?