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Gospel Jeopardy! PowerPoint Presentation
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Gospel Jeopardy!

Gospel Jeopardy!

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Gospel Jeopardy!

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  1. Gospel Jeopardy! Sheila E. McGinn, Ph.D. Professor of Biblical Studies & Early Christianity John Carroll University

  2. Gospel Jeopardy!

  3. Persons for 100 • First Emperor of Rome, he reigned from 27 B.C.E.–14 C.E. He brought peace after decades of civil war. Jesus was born during his reign.

  4. Persons for 100 • Who wasGaius Octavian “Augustus” Caesar? Augustus in his persona as pontifex maximus (high priest of the Roman cult)

  5. Persons for 200 • Appointed by Rome as King of Judea, he ruled from 37–4 B.C.E. He was a megalomaniac hated by nearly all of his subjects. Legend has it that he ordered the murder of one child in each family so people would mourn his death.

  6. Persons for 200 • Who was King Herod the Great? Giotto’s Massacre of the Innocents

  7. Persons for 300 • Traditionally thought to be a Gentile convert who was a physician and companion of Paul on one of his missionary journeys, he is reported to have written the third Gospel and Acts.

  8. Persons for 300 • Who was Luke?

  9. Persons for 400 • The three male disciples who were part of the inner circle of Jesus’ friends.

  10. Persons for 400 • Who were Peter, James, and John?

  11. Persons for 500 • Three female disciples who are part of the inner circle of Jesus’ friends, they are the ones whom Luke says discover the empty tomb.

  12. Persons for 500 • Who wereMary Magdalene, Joanna, and Mary the mother of James?

  13. Persons for 600 • Brothers known as • “the sons of thunder.”

  14. Persons for 600 • Who were James and John, • the sons of Zebedee?

  15. Places for 100 • The center of Judaism in Jesus’ day, he was executed outside this city.

  16. Places for 100 • What is Jerusalem?

  17. Places for 200 • The village where Jesus’ parents lived and where he was raised.

  18. Places for 200 • What is Nazareth? Photo by Sister Danielle Peters

  19. Places for 300 • In the Gospel According to Luke, a Roman census caused Jesus’ parents to travel here just before his birth.

  20. Places for 300 • What is Bethlehem? Bethlehem is located 5 mi. [8 km.] south southwest of Jerusalem.

  21. Places for 400 • The first announcement of Jesus’ birth comes to some shepherds here.

  22. Places for 400 • What is the fields(around Bethlehem)? Beit Sahour, looking east over the Shepherds' Fields, near Bethlehem. Photo: Tamer Shabaneh.

  23. Places for 500 • An experience of the risen Christ is said to have knocked Paul off his horse on the way to this city in Syria.

  24. Places for 500 • What is Damascus?

  25. Places for 600 • The hill on which is the garden where Jesus spent his last moments in prayer before he was arrested by the authorities. • JesusDoubts.mp4

  26. Places for 600 • What is the Mount of Olives?

  27. Things for 100 • A proclamation of the “good news” of final victory in a war.

  28. Things for 100 • What is gospel? Traditional Greek Christian inscription: “Jesus Christ, Conqueror”

  29. Things for 200 • An event that prefigures the resurrected Christ already during the life of Jesus. Jesus is imaged as clothed in white and radiant with light, on the top of a mountain.

  30. Things for 200 • What is the Transfiguration? Byzantine icon

  31. Things for 300 • Someone who proclaims the good news, especially of God’s final victory over the Gentile powers.

  32. Things for 300 • What is an evangelist?

  33. Things for 400 • The ultimate penalty, a particularly cruel form of capital punishment reserved for the worst criminals: murderers, revolutionaries, and slaves who betrayed their masters. Jesus was executed in this fashion.

  34. Things for 400 • What is crucifixion?

  35. Things for 500 • An oral teaching technique involving a “word problem” in which an ordinary event of everyday life is presented in an unusual, even twisted, way that challenges the audience to reevaluate what is “ordinary” or “normal”; Jesus’ story of a “Good Samaritan” is one example of this form of oral tradition.

  36. Things for 500 • What is parable?

  37. Things for 600 • The mythologized story of the birth of a great figure of history, typically involving miraculous and divine conception, great portents in the heavens, high-born (often “kingly”) status, and dramatic events on earth presaging the significance of the individual’s coming life.

  38. Things for 600 • What is an infancy narrative? Giotto di Bondone, Nativity, c.1305-1315 From

  39. The first Roman emperor Augustus (62 BC - 14 AD), was the son of the God Apollo, conceived by a holy-snake. • When Atia had come in the middle of the night to the solemn service of Apollo, she had her litter set down in the temple and fell asleep, while the rest of the matrons also slept. On a sudden a serpent glided up to her and shortly went away. When she awoke, she purified herself, as if after the embraces of her husband, and at once there appeared on her body a mark in colors like a serpent, and she could never get rid of it; so that presently she ceased ever to go to the public baths. In the tenth month after that Augustus was born and was therefore regarded as the son of Apollo. • [Suetonius, Life of the Deified Augustus, Chapter 94]