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  1. MISSION Mission to bring a diverse group of people “under one stylish umbrella”

  2. What Sets B. Smith Apart? • There are three areas that differentiate the B. Smith brand from other licenses: • Point of View • Audience • Exposure

  3. POINT OF VIEW “What is the B. Smith look?”

  4. Point of View • The B. Smith “Look” consists of contemporary design with global accents- it is “trans-cultural”.

  5. B. Smith Point of View • B. Smith offers great ideas for entertaining and decorating • Barbara Smith brings her broad experience as a restaurateur, lifestyle television personality, and hostess to these products • An accessible approach to design • Gives consumers permission to express their own style

  6. Transcultural

  7. “ The world through the prism of B. Smith ”

  8. Transitional Genre

  9. Earthy Chic

  10. Global Influence

  11. Accents

  12. Audience • B. Smith has an audience which is diverse. The B. Smith consumers are: Suburban families with double income and enough resources to spend on making their homes beautiful and colorful places to live A diverse mix of city dwellers, both singles and couples, who are upwardly mobile Appreciate an eclectic style with ethnic influences and draw their inspiration from the world at large Have bold, colorful taste and are also attracted to natural elements.

  13. Exposure • B. Smith has exposure through means of television, magazines, and nationally recognized newspapers such as:

  14. Benefits of Media Exposure • The media and web exposure that B. Smith receives can help bring her audience to her partners. • The three B. Smith restaurant locations in New York City, The Hamptons (Sag Harbor), and Washington D.C. make it possible for customers to come in and experience the brand. • Experiencing the brand in the restaurant then drives the customer to the partner. • The ability to create product placement in these media vehicles will then effect the sales of the partner.

  15. GE National Ad Campaign

  16. Essence Magazine

  17. Media coverage of lifestyle tips as well as product design and placement.

  18. B. Smith’s Appeal • B. Smith Enterprises is an African-American owned business, founded by Barbara Smith, former model, turned restaurateur and media celebrity. • She is the first African-American woman with her own national home décor and furniture lines. • B. has extensive, broad market visibility through: • B. Smith with Style TV show, which has aired for over 10 years • book and magazine publishing • a national Bed Bath and Beyond program going strong for 8 years • PR and marketing efforts with several blue chip marketers including General Mills, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, P&G, Merck and Mercedes Benz • Extensive web presence • B. has served hundreds of thousands of customers over 25 years at her restaurants

  19. B. Smith Brand Promise • The B. Smith brand benefits its partners in that it: • Brings a unique design point of view • Expands the customer base • Delivers needed media exposure

  20. B. Smith Whatever you do, just do it with style