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Eric Leenson

Eric Leenson

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Eric Leenson

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  1. Eric Leenson • Diretor Executivo ProgressiveAsset Management Inc.

  2. Progressive Asset Management • First full service broker in the U.S. to focus on socially and environmentally responsible investing- founded in 1987 • Member of Social Investment Forum since 1988 • Founding member of CERES- Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies-1989

  3. Growth of SRI in U.S.

  4. Community Investing Community investing directs capital from investors and lenders to communities that are underserved by traditional financial services. It provides access to credit, equity, capital, and basic banking products that these communities would otherwise lack. In the US and around the world, community investing makes it possible for local organizations to provide financial services to low-income individuals and to supply capital for small businesses and vital community services, such as affordable housing, child care and health care. Microfinance in the Limelight

  5. Equator Principles • Excerpts from Preamble: • >Project financing, a method of funding in which the lender looks primarily to the revenues generated by a single project both as the source of repayment and as security for the exposure, plays an important role in financing development throughout the world. Project financiers may encounter social and environmental issues that are both complex and challenging, particularly with respect to projects in the emerging markets… • >The Equator Principles Financial Institutions (EPFIs) have consequently adopted these Principles in order to ensure that the projects we finance are developed in a manner that is social responsible and reflect sound environmental management practices… • >We believe that adoption of and adherence to these Principles offers significant benefits to ourselves, our borrowers and local stakeholders through our borrowers’ engagement with locally affected communities. We therefore recognize that our role as financiers affords us opportunities to promote responsible environmental stewardship and socially responsible development… • >We will not provide loans to projects where the borrower will not or is unable to comply with our respective social and environmental policies and procedures that implement the Equator Principles…

  6. Beneficial Corporations • Giving form to social entrepreneurship by bridging the gap between private and public interests • Beneficial corporations must receive a passing grade on a long scorecard that covers environmental practices, employment practices, purchasing policies and whether their products are beneficial to society. • They must also adopt legal language stating that their directors may consider the welfare of outside stakeholders such as employees, customers, their community and the environment, as well as the financial interest of shareholders.

  7. Exploration of a New Investment Model Brand Name Creation and RecognitionLaboratory of the Future?