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North Dakota Career Resource Network PowerPoint Presentation
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North Dakota Career Resource Network

North Dakota Career Resource Network

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North Dakota Career Resource Network

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  1. North Dakota Career Resource Network RU READYTEACHERS? Jody Breker SE Region Career Resource Coordinator Judy Barstad NE Region Career Resource Coordinator

  2. North Dakota “Choices” Story • More than twenty years with Choices • Bank of North Dakota Sponsors • Explorer – Middle School • Planner – High School • testGEAR – High School • ND Career Resource Network Trainers • Reorganized (CTE) to provide more training and more specific instruction to users.

  3. Why Include Career Education and Planning in your classroom At Least 4 Reasons

  4. Strengthen your School with Career Education and PlanningReason #1 • Students become more engaged when the course work is RELEVANT: • Why should I learn this? • Is this useful to me now? • How does this open doors for me?

  5. Strengthen your School with Career Education and PlanningReason #2 • Studies show students need and do rise to the challenge of MORE RIGOR… • Add more rigor by emphasizing the real world application of the skills and knowledge they are developing in school.

  6. Strengthen your School with Career Education and PlanningReason #3 • Students with a thought-out career plan perform better academically, are more apt to complete a college program, and transition successfully into independent adulthood.

  7. Strengthen your School with Career Education and PlanningReason #4 • Standards and benchmarks include career education.

  8. How can you help students connect academics with their career interest? • Assist them in identifying their interests, strengths, values, and passions • Connect their course work with career cluster(s) • Develop and implement a plan of study through out high school. • Expose students to careers within the cluster that are high demand & high wage.

  9. New Name for 2009-10 Education and Career Planning …with lesson plans for Explorer and Planner

  10. New Portal Page- RU Ready to get started??

  11. Landing Pages

  12. Landing Page for Students These are the various programs available to assist students with career planning and ACT test preparation

  13. Resource Badges for Students Clicking on this badge will link To to view hot jobs And other resources Clicking on this badge will link To the ND Department of Commerce Clicking on this badge will link To exploring careers in Choices Clicking on this badge will link To planning tools in Choices Clicking on this badge will link to testGEAR and planning tools in Choices

  14. Student Portfolios Students must complete a portfolio

  15. Creating a Portfolio • Select City and School or Site • Some personal information is required by the No Child Left Behind Act but will be kept confidential. Please be accurate. • The Portfolio name and Portfolio password you choose here will be what you use to login from now on. • Note: Your institution may use a standard format for the Portfolio name. Both the portfolio name and password are case sensitive! • After all info is complete, click Create Your Portfolio to login.

  16. Landing Page for Educators There are many different badges to click, leading to other resources, on on the Educators landing page As an educator, you have access to a large number of resources, available to you with a quick click

  17. Educator’s Tools Page • Educators have same access to tools as students do…

  18. Parents Landing Page

  19. Badges available for parents Badges, similar to those available to students and educators, are available to parents.

  20. Lesson Plans • Classroom Implementation Worksheets Choices Explorer Middle School Curriculum • 1st Year • 2nd Year Choices Planner – High School Curriculum

  21. 20 Choices Explorer Lessons Choices Planner Lessons

  22. Sample Lesson In your Handout

  23. On the Educator Page- Lesson Plans by School Subject

  24. Across the Curriculum Approach • Students are exposed more often and in more places. • If your students love science and math why not show them how they can do it for a living right in your classroom. • If they don’t love science and math, show how learning them will provide them with the skills they will need in a variety of careers giving them more options. • Help them adapt to change.

  25. One Stop Career Resource • Easy access to • Lesson Plans and other Educator Resources • Choices Explorer, Choices Planner, and TestGear • Student ePortfolios • Virtual Tours of Careers and College Campuses

  26. Career Resource Network Presentations Available:A combination of 15 hours can be taken for 1 graduate credit.The following workshops will be held this school year throughout the state: • Lesson Plans- 6 hrs + 3 hr student contact time • Professional Development-Improve your student’s ACT Scores by bringing a team to “TestGEAR for School Teams” (for Teachers, Administrators and Counselors)- 6 hrs + 3 hr student contact time • Electronic Portfolio System/Customizing Plans of Study/ Professional Tools- 3 hours • The new digital version of the Real Game- 3 hours Check to Register

  27. Thank you for your interest in Questions??

  28. Contact InformationND Career Resource