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North Dakota

North Dakota. Bradley 2013. Tourist Attraction .

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North Dakota

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  1. North Dakota Bradley 2013

  2. Tourist Attraction Some of the parksare the International peace garden, Theodore Roosevelt national park, Fort Abraham Lincoln state park, Icelandic park. All of the museums in North Dakota are The Dakota Dinosaur museum and the Dakota science museum and the national Buffalo museum. Some of the historical sites of North Dakota are Mercer county Historical society, Bourgeois house and Camp Hancock

  3. State History Some of the good and bad state history of North Dakota is state capital destroyed by fire in 1930, North and South Dakota become states 1889, Dakota territory created 1861, Dakota territory opens for home steading 1863, Garrison Dam completed 1954, Oil discovered near Tioga 1951, Worst Blizzard in state history dumped 29 inches of snow in 1996, The Great flood forced evacuation of grand forks 1932, Smallpox nearly wiped out Mandan tribe 1837.

  4. Location My states continent is North America. The Midwest region. The states surrounding me are South Dakota and Minnesota.

  5. Fun Facts Milk is the state drink. The western meadowlark is the state bird. The state dance is the square dance. The state fish is the northern pike. And the state flower is the wild prairie rose and the state capital is Bismarck

  6. Natural Resources All of the Natural resources are Barley,corn,hay,petroleum,rye,sunflowers,cattle,dairy,lignite,potatoes,sheep,wheat,coal,flax,oats,poultry,sugar beets and wind.

  7. Wildlife North Dakota has a colorful population of birds fish and other animals . The bison used to Roam the land freely but are know only seen in Wild life refuges, National parks and private ranches because there low population. The most common animal in North Dakota is the Richardson ground squirrel. The bird population in North Dakota is very healthy there are 365 different species of birds in North Dakota some of those birds are the Blackbird, plovers, gulls, Humming birds, wood peckers, cuckoos, Owls, wood warblers, vultures and Mocking birds. There is also a heavy population of fish in North Dakota some of those fish are the Northern Pike, perch, Catfish, Trout, Cod, Bass and minnows. Some of the fish are named in North Dakota some of the names are the Big Mouth Buffalo of the catfish family and the Blackhead bull of the cat fish family. Some of the most common animals of North Dakota are the Badgers, Rabbits, Foxes, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and beavers.

  8. Famous People Some of the famous people of North Dakota are Arthur c Townly he got 40,000 farmers to join the non partisan league. There is also general George Armstrong Custer is best known for leading the seventh Cavalry in the battle of the little bighorn. The last person is Roger Maris. He played for the New York Yankees and hit 61 home runs in 1960.

  9. Agriculture All of the crops in North Dakota are Barley, Corn, Hay, Rye, Sunflowers, potatoes, Wheat, Flax, Oats and sugar beats. Some of the uses of these crops are cereal made from barley, corn chips made by corn, rye bread made from rye, sunflower seeds from sunflowers, potato chips made from potatoes and bread made from wheat

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