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North Dakota

North Dakota

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North Dakota

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  1. North Dakota By: Reagan

  2. Politics • Hi! My name is Reagan and I am going to tell you about North Dakota! The first thing I am going to tell you is about the North Dakota politics. Did you know that the governor of North Dakota is jack dalrymple and the U.S. representative is Rick berg(Republican). Also the U.S. senator is Kent Conrad( Democratic) and Jon hoeven(Republican). North Dakota signed the constitution in 1889and has a strong Republican government.

  3. Economy The greatest resource in North Dakota is soil. The state's economy depends on agriculture (farming). 90% of the states land is farms and ranches. The manufactured Goods are mostly made from farm produced. The main Industries in North Dakota are farming and ranching also mining and electrical power generation. The famous company’s are Bobcat (they make farm equipment), Baker Boy (make baked goods).

  4. Economy Continued • The farming products are potatoes, wheat, rye, barley, sunflower seeds, sugar beets, beef is raised for meat and dairy products. The Employment in North Dakota is for farming and ranching. The unemployment rate is 3.6% making it the lowest unemployed • rate of the U.S.A!

  5. History • Here are some interesting time line facts about North Dakota: • 1872: The railroad reaches north dakota.1889: The Dakota Territory is spilt and NorthDakota becomes its own state.1951: oil: was found at Tioga1997:The Red River floods causeing billonsof dollars damge2004:Paleontologists uncover a mummified dinosaur fossil,an Edmontosaurus complete with skin as hard as iron.

  6. History Continued North Dakota became a state in November 1889.Native Americans lived in North Dakota here are some of the groups that lived here: The Ojibwa tribe, The Sioux, The Mandan, The Hidatsa The Arikara,The Cheyenne and The Chippewa tribes. Also there where so Immigrant groups in North Dakota here are some of them Most immigrants groups have Northern European background (German, Norweigan, Irish, English, Sweden). Currently has a small number of immigrants, almost all people born in U.S.

  7. Geography • Major Cities in north dakota are Bismark (capital), Fargo (biggest), Grand Forks, Minot Some Land forms in north dakota areOne area is part of the Great Plains, another is called the Missouri Plateau which has the Badlands (rock formations). The Red River Valley is known for its rich soil, and good farmland. Some bodys of water in north dakota are Missouri River, James River, Red River, Lake Sakakowea, Devils Lake,Lake Oahe, Long Lake, Sheyenne River,Knife River,Heart River,Cannonball River,Little Missouri River, and the Souris River.

  8. Geography Continued • Population: Total Population in north dakota is 646,844: The Weather/Climate in north dakota has Longer harsh winters with shorter, dry summersSummer: very hot, dry. Temperature can get up to the high 80s.Winter: Cold temperatures can drop below zero. Whipping winds from the Arctic (called the Alberta clippers)come to North Dakota. The Land size of north Dakota is (area in square miles): 70,704 square miles (183,123 sq km),Region: North Dakota is in the Midwest region

  9. Fun Facts • Here are some fun facts about North Dakota! • Nickname: Peace Garden StateMotto: Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and InseparableState bird: Western MeadowlarkState tree: American elmState flower: Wild prarie roseState song: "North Dakota Hymn"

  10. Here are some of the pictures of the land forms and other things from the ppt! Here is a picture of the red river Valley! Here is the North Dakota capitol Building!!!

  11. Here is a picture of the Western Meadowlark Here is an old North Dakota coin