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Things To Keep In Mind During Corona Virus PowerPoint Presentation
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Things To Keep In Mind During Corona Virus

Things To Keep In Mind During Corona Virus

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Things To Keep In Mind During Corona Virus

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  1. Corona Virus affects the health of people worldwide. Many countries remain in lockdown, complete. We all have to follow new norms for our regular lifestyle. The gathering is completely restricted. And we are told to maintain social distance. SOS Doctor House Call comes up with some of the best tips for your health. We have to keep a few things in mind while we are fighting against the coronavirus. partial or

  2. If addiction, you can contact SOS Doctor House Call service. We have the best team of house call doctors in Los Angeles. you need any help for your Cleaning is an essential part to keep you protected from the coronavirus. Here, we are mentioning some of the tips for you.

  3. Disinfect cleaning surface: Clean the surfaces of your house and you must use disinfect the areas that are touched maximum, including TV remote control, phone and computer doorknobs, and more. Use quality disinfectsfor cleaning. Use the hospital grade disinfect for your cleaning. keyboard,

  4. Use a household cleaner: Before disinfecting the surface, you must clean the surface with soap and water.

  5. Read instruction: You must read the instruction about how to use cleaners. Since every product needs some times to be effective. Concentrate on the areas that are touched most.

  6. Protect yourself: Wear gloves when you are cleaning your house. Change the mop after every room cleaning, or at least clean the mop.

  7. Wash your laundry at the highest possible heat: Use the warmest setting of your washing machine and air dry your clothes completely.

  8. Practice hand hygiene: You must practice the best hand hygiene for protecting yourself from cleaning. Scrub your hands with soap and water.

  9. Isolation: If you have a family member who is sick, isolate him or her. Stop the spread of the virus. We are taking care of your health at home. SOS Doctor offers you the right choice to book an appointment with doctors at your place. Don’t roam outside and get the best treatment for your health.

  10. We are offering house call doctor service in Los Angeles. Contact us or download our SOS Doctor House App. Come up with the best options for you. If you feel sick, our doctors will visit your place. Call us to know more details.

  11. (310) 550-0510