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SOHO Menu - Dinner Cork PowerPoint Presentation
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SOHO Menu - Dinner Cork

SOHO Menu - Dinner Cork

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SOHO Menu - Dinner Cork

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  1. SOHO.IE A LA CARTE DINNER APPETISERS CAESAR SALAD bacon, cos leaves, parmesan shavings, croutons, ceasar dressing WITHOUT CROUTONS WITHOUT BACON €8.50 APPETISERS BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS CRAB CLAWS blue cheese, celery & your choice of mild, wild, suicidal, insane or BBQ chilli, garlic, ginger, mirin €11.95 SMALL €9.25 LARGE €14.95 LEMON PEPPER CALAMARI COMBO PLATTER (ENOUGH FOR 3 OR 4) chicken quesadilla, wild wings, BBQ ribs semolina, lemon pepper, orange aioli, fennel salad €10.95 €25.00 NACHOS Monterey Jack, cheddar, jalapeños, black olives, sour cream, salsa, re-fried beans, guacamole - ENOUGH FOR 2 SALADS REGULAR €10.95 CHICKEN €12.95 BEEF €12.95 all meats & seafood are cooked to order for your salad & served warm SEARED BEED FILLET SALAD CHICKEN TENDERS breaded fillet, honey BBQ sauce or choose mild, wild, suicidal or insane buffalo sauce mizuna leaf, roasted pine nuts, sun-blushed tomatoes, cashel blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette €8.95 €13.95 BABY BACK RIBS WARM CHICKEN SALAD 1/2 rack pork ribs, honey BBQ sauce chicken, pickled cucumber, potato cubes, baby tomato, chilli, lime, lemongrass, fresh leaves €8.95 €13.95 QUESADILLA CAESAR SALAD creole spices, mixed cheddar, peppers, onions, sides of salsa, sour cream, guacamole, choose chicken or vegetarian bacon, cos leaves, Parmesan shavings, croutons, caesar dressing ADD CHICKEN €2 SMALL €8.95 LARGE €11.95 €11.95

  2. HOT ROCKS SOHO.IE A LA CARTE DINNER try our famous SoHo rock where food is served on a 400 degrees polished volcanic rock. no oils are used making this a really healthy choice. all our rocks are served with a chefs selection of sauces. plaease note all meats on the rock are served raw or lightly seared for you to cook to your likng FILLET ROCK seared, roasted rosemary & garlic potatoes, panfried mushrooms & onions €27.00 BURGERS our beef burgers are 8 oz of pure 100% Irish beef, herbed & spiced with lettuce, tomato & onion. choose a temp ; medium, medium well or well done. choose brown or brioche bun FLAT IRON ROCK fries, side salad €17.95 CHARGRILLED 8OZ IRISH BEEF BURGER (choose toppings @ 75c each) cheese, bacon, blue cheese, mushroom & onion. bbq sauce & crispy onion STEAKS we use the finest 100% beef. locally sourced, cooked on our chargrill & finished in our ovens our steaks are served with mushrooms and onions and roasted carrots. choose your own side and sauce temperature guide : rare : red in the middle, lots of red juices medium rare : still red with less red juice medium : pink & firm medium well : may have a little pink well done : no pink meat €12.95 AMERICAN CLASSIC BURGER melted cheddar, streaky bacon, sauteed mushrooms & onions €14.50 HEREFORD SIRLOIN (285G / 10OZ) €26.00 FILLET STEAK STRIP CIABATTA FILLET MIGNON (225G / 8OZ) €27.00 seared fillet strips, sauteed mushroom & onions, pepper sauce (add cheese 75c) €13.95 FILLET MIGNON (285G / 10OZ) €29.00 BUFFALO CHICKEN BURGER FILLET MIGNON (340G / 12OZ) €33.00 pan-fried chicken breast, mayo, choose mild, wild, suicidal, insane or honey bbq sauce €13.95 CHOOSE 1 SIDE mashed potato, french fries, sweet potato fries CHOOSE YOUR SAUCE garlic butter, black peppercorn sauce or red wine jus HALOUMI BURGER basil mayo, rocket, roast red pepper €11.95 add blue cheese to any steak €2.00 temperature guide rare : red in the middle, lots of red juices medium rare : still red with less red juice medium : pink & firm medium well : may have a little pink well done : no pink meat all the above are served with French fries. substitute spanish fries €2

  3. SOHO.IE A LA CARTE DINNER MAINS PAPPARDELLE PASTA smoked pancetta, spinach garlic, confit cream sauce, shaved parmesan, garlic ciabatta €16.00 Chicken €18.00 MAINS dishes served with rice have the option of basmati or wholegrain CHICKEN KATSU CURRY panko chicken, aromatic curry sauce, sticky rice, salad €16.95 SOHO FAJITAS (flour tortillas, peppers, onions, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, cheese, lettuce, add chorizo no extra charge VEG €17.00 CHICKEN €20.00 BEEF €22.00 PRAWN €23.00 COMBO OF 2 €24.00 SEARED COD CASSOULET pan seared cod, chorizo, chickpeas, tomato ragout €18.00 PANFRIED SEARED CHICKEN BREAST HERB CRUSTED RACK OF LAMB sundreid tomato & basil champ, rosemary jus bone in, rock salt & rosemary roast carrot, butternut squash & kale colcannon, roast jus €27.95 €17.00 SIDES MADRAS CURRY chicken or beef, eastern spices, chutney, poppadam, wild rice MASHED POTATO, FRENCH FRIES, SWEET POTATO FRIES, GARLIC BREAD WITH CHEESE, SIDE SALAD VEG €16.50 CHICKEN €17.50 BEEF €19.50 €3.00 HALF HONEY ROASTED DUCK SINGLE SPANISH FRIES PORTION plum sauce, sauteed kale, roasted rosemary & garlic potaoes €5.00 €19.95 SUBSTITUTE SPANISH FRIES FOR FRENCH FRIES ON ANY DISH FLAT IRON STEAK BOARD €2.00 7oz flat iron steak served medium, rocket & parmesan, chorizo butter served with french fries €17.95