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Kuuraku Dinner Menu

Kuuraku Dinner Menu

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Kuuraku Dinner Menu

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  1. IZAKAYA KUURAKU Chef’s recommendation Gluten free option available YAKITORI SIGNATURE 3 Momo/Wagyu Stamina/ Nasu Dengaku 11 YAKITORI OMAKASE Chef’s choice of the day -5pcs 17 CHICKEN Soy-Wasabi yaki Chicken thigh, soy sauce favoured wasabi on side Momo Chicken thigh 4 3.5 Negima Chicken thigh and spring onion 3.5 Cheese yaki Chicken thigh, swiss cheese on top 4 Tori Shiso yaki Chicken thigh, chopped shiso leaves, plum sauce on top 4 Tsukune Chicken meatball skewers add egg yolk +1 4 Mentai yaki Chicken thigh, seasoned cod roe, nori seaweed on top 4

  2. YAKITORI (continue) WAGYU BEEF Wagyu Oropon Wagyu kushi serverd with grated radish, ponzu, spring onion Wagyu kushi Wagyu rump skewer 5 4.5 Wagyu Stamina Wagyu kushi serverd with garlic teriyaki sauce 4.5 PORK Aspara maki Asparagus wrapped in sliced pork belly Mozzarella maki Mozzarella cheese wrapped in sliced pork belly, basil sauce 4 4 Mochi maki Japanese rice cake wrapped in sliced pork belly, soy sauce, nori seaweed 4 FISH Kingfsh kushi Fresh kingfsh Salmon kushi Fresh salmon 4 4 Shiromi Tsukune White fsh ball skewers add egg yolk +1 Salmon Ikura kushi Fresh salmon , ikura 4 4.5 VEGETABLE Cherry Tomato Basil Cherry tomato served with basil sauce Nasu Dengaku Eggplant, served with dengaku- miso, spring onion, sesame seeds 3 veg 4 veg Shiitake mushroom Shiitake mushroom, soy sauce 3 veg

  3. SUSHI / SASHIMI Sushi(2pc) 7 Sashimi(6pc) 18 Kingfsh Yuzu Fresh kingfsh served with yuzu ponzu, garlic, jalapeño, coliander, shiso powder 21 Salmon Kingfsh 7 19 Tuna 9 20 Sashimi Moriawase Sashimi platter (9pc)18 (15pc)34 *Daily White fsh available 5ea Wagyu Aburi Sushi Flash seared wagyu sushi garlic, chives Sushi Moriawase Sushi platter (5pc)18 (10pc)34 ROLL Spicy Tuna Avo Roll Tuna, avocado, onion, agedama, spicy mayo Super food Roll Quinoa, chia seed, kale, carrot, asparagus, garlic 16 18 veg Soft Shell Crab Roll Soft shell crab, avocado, tobiko, spring onin, kewpie Ebi Crunchy Roll Tempura prawn, fried onion, teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo 18 18 Flaming Mt. Fuji Roll Salmon, avocado, special spicy sauce, agedama 18

  4. KFC - KUURAKU FRIED CHICKEN - Choose 1 favour for your chicken FLAVOURS : Kewpie | Aioli sauce | Sriracha mayo | Honey mustard | Spicy Chicken Karaage Japanese style deep-fried chicken, ginger, garlic, soy sauce - 5pcs Bufalo Chicken Deep-fried drumettes mixed with spicy & sour sauce- 6pcs 14 12 Spicy Chicken Wings Deep-fried cajun seasoned chicken wings - 6pcs Chicken Spare Ribs Deep-fried seasoned chicken ribs- 6pcs 10 12 LOVE GYOZA Teppan Gyoza Japanese pan-fried dumplings served on sizzling plate Your choice of fllings: Pork/ Prawn/ Vegetables (4pc)9 (8pc)16 Spicy Age Gyoza Deep-fried dumplings Your choice of fllings: Pork/ Prawn/ Vegetables (4pc)9 Taki Gyoza Simmered dumplings in pork soup Your choice of fllings: Pork/ Prawn/ Vegetables (4pc)12

  5. GRAZING Buta Shabu Goma Salad Fresh garden greens with tofu, onion, tomato,blanched thin sliced pork belly on top. Served with sesame mayo dressing and herbs Hickory Smoked Oyster Oyster, olive oil 14 4.5ea Edamame Peperoncino Edamame sauteed with garlic and olive oil 7 veg Bloomin’ Onion Deep-fried whole crumbed onion. served with granapadana cheese, spicy mayo 8 veg Healthy Green Salad Mixed kale, Japanese style- poached egg, avo, tomato, quinoa, edamame, feta cheese, mixed nuts, french dressing 14 veg Wagyu Tataki Seared wagyu beef. Served with onion, red radish, herbs, yuzu ponzu 12 Katsu (Pork or Chicken) Cutlet. Served with lemon, tonkatsu sauce, sesame, garden greens 19 Wagyu tartare Flash seared wagyu beef. served with sliced onion, cucumber, sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, quail egg 14 Wagyu Rump Steak 180g Your choice of : salt&pepper /black pepper sauce / teriyaki served with seasonal vegetables 28 Agedashi Tofu Deep-fried tofu. Served in mushroom, onion, spring onion, soy sauce broth 12 veg Grilled Atlantic Salmon 180g Your choice of : salt&pepper or teriyaki Served with seasonal vegetables 28 Buta Kakuni 3 hour slow cooked pork belly in soy sauce, mirin broth 16

  6. NOODLE & RICE Add onsen egg(Japanese style poached egg) +2 Yakitori don Chicken skewers on rice radish pickles, spring onion, nori seaweed on top Curry Udon Udon noodle, blanched thin sliced-pork belly, onion, soy sauce, bonito fakes, spring onion, in Japanese soup curry 15 16 Yakiniku don Grilled wagyu beef on rice served with black pepper sauce. spring onion on top 18 Mentai Yaki Udon Stir-fried udon noodle Cooked with soy sauce, butter, mushroom onion. cod roe, spring onion, nori seaweed on top 16 Yaki Onigiri 1pc Grilled rice ball 3 veg Steamed Rice 3 veg Gyusuji Udon Slow cooked beef tendon, onion, in soy sauce, konbu broth. Served with yuzu kosho, spring onion 16 Miso soup Tofu, wakame, konbu broth 3 veg FEED ME Available from 5pm-late $45 8 course pp LET US PICK UP OUR FAVOURITE SIGNATURE DISHES FOR YOU *Minimum 2 people *All table members must take part