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Architectural Drawing PowerPoint Presentation
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Architectural Drawing

Architectural Drawing

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Architectural Drawing

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  1. Class Orientation/Intro to Architecture Architectural Drawing

  2. Class Orientation • What are the class expectations? By the end of the class, you will understand the basics of house design and representations of drawing features. You will have an appreciation of environmental consideration when designing structures.

  3. Habitation (ranch house): Careers Placing a house on a site Developing a building plan Creating sectional views Drawing floor and foundation plans Creating elevation views Generate renderings Civil Design: Careers Developing community spaces Urban structures Architectural Drawing Garage/shed plans Basement plans House model 3D renderings Hand-drawn perspectives Blender 3D walk-throughs Independent Projects: Written report Power Point presentation House plan packet Presentations:

  4. Vocabulary • House Plans- Plans used to convey the architect’s thoughts to the builder. Used to build a structure. • Habitation- Housing that someone is living in. Any structure for living. • Site Plan- A drawing that shows a plot of land and all details needed to place a structure. • Floor Plan- A drawing used to show the layout of a house. Usually includes walls, windows, doors, dimensions and electrical details. • Elevation-Drawing of the exterior of a structure. Typically front, back and side views.

  5. Careers in Architecture Where can I find jobs in architecture?

  6. Architect Civil Engineer (many sub categories) Civil Drafters Material Engineers Architect Architectural Engineer Home Economist Architectural Drafter Material Engineer Landscape Architect Environmental Engineer Geologist Survey/Civil Mortgage Companies Real Estate Agent Land Transfer General Contractor Specialty Contractors (i.e. electrical, HVAC, framing, finish) Masonry Excavation Skilled Trades

  7. Home Planning • What considerations must be addressed in building a house?

  8. What is the neighborhood? Costs? Environmental concerns? Loan Amount? Costs vs. Sale How much time will it take to build and sell? Hidden fees? Foundation Type? Materials? Layout and Design? Additional Features? What do I need to make a profit? Will the buyer be approved by the bank? How much time will it take to close?

  9. Vocabulary • Engineers- A person who uses scientific knowledge to solve technical problems. • Mortgage- A loan from a bank, typically to buy a home, paid back in years with interest. • Home Economy- Ergonomically designed house to make the best use of space and materials. • Planning- development of detailed drawings and procedures. • Budgets- A financial plan for building and marketing a home.

  10. Building Homes of Our Own • See check sheets