visitwales and cultural tourism n.
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VisitWales and Cultural Tourism PowerPoint Presentation
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VisitWales and Cultural Tourism

VisitWales and Cultural Tourism

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VisitWales and Cultural Tourism

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  1. VisitWales and Cultural Tourism Kim Colebrook

  2. This presentation • To give you an update on VisitWales activities and developments • How you can get involved • Look at how Churches have used the system • Questions

  3. What is VisitWales? • A way of participating in WTB’s marketing and information services. • Available to all tourism businesses in Wales. • As chance to appear on more than 12 websites supporting all the marketing work carried out by the Wales Tourist Board. • An opportunity for businesses to sell online if they wish, as and when they want – no credit card facilities are needed.

  4. VisitWales is also.. • Available to 3rd parties to fuel their websites – so if businesses are on VisitWales they could be on other websites e.g. Staying in Wales, North Wales Borderlands, etc. • A Contact Centre also based in North Wales set up to support businesses in using the websites and to take visitor calls. • Link to your own web site from your entry on VisitWales. • Available to all the networked Tourist Information Centres in Wales.

  5. VisitWales Statistics • 5620 products publishing on VisitWales - this varies day by day. • Over ½ million unique visitors to the main website ( in 2004. • Over 55,000 page views a day on the main website. • 270,618 average hits a day on the main website • Monthly stats sent to businesses. • Web trends and sector stats are also found on under VisitWales Section

  6. Developments • New website was launched at the beginning of 2005. • MyBusiness on a constant improvement plan to improve the user-friendliness and functionality • Now publish accessibility details to the consumers • Improvements in the booking processes for consumers in hand.

  7. How do you get involved? • You need access to the Internet. •

  8. Include some pictures and text about your business etc..

  9. Once your information has been completed and ‘ticked to publish’ you will then appear on the websites…

  10. Support Available… • If you would like to get involved – it could not be easier • The WTB will work with your group/sector to encourage participation • CD-ROM available • Manuals and Mini Guides • Support Line open 7 days a week

  11. Case Study - Churches • In conjunction with John Winton of Churches Tourism Network for Wales we set up and delivered over 10 specific workshops for the network to raise awareness of the importance of religious premises being seen as an ‘attraction’ for visitors to the areas. • Over 80 churches / abbeys / cathedrals entered their details onto the VisitWales website.

  12. Churches • 36 representatives have attended a specifically run workshop all over Wales. • Following slides indicate the link from the CTNW website and some of the entries on VisitWales currently.

  13. To Conclude • VisitWales is another marketing opportunity for businesses to use for free. • The information entered and managed by you, is used in a number of ways e.g. other websites, at the Tourist Information Centres, etc. • Support available to help you with the next step if you want to… • Questions???