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free web conferencing

free web conferencing

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free web conferencing

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  1. VIRTUAL CLOUD STORAGE private cloud computing is highly durable or we can say it is enduring as the user gets rid of the worries retaining the information once it is stored as it does not get lost. It forms multiple side copies also. There are 2-3 servers in the globe which maintains and sustains the information uploaded in the cloud. Corporations initiating cloud computing services need to pay the operating expenses instead of capital expenses. Cloud computing is neither highly expensive and also nor that cheap. Companies have to specifically pay for the amount of the consumption in a month. The another advantage of cloud computing is that the company can allow one to conduct free web conferencing thereby saving the consumption of energy at high percentage which is up to 70% per day. The private cloud computing comprises of data stored by organisations, agencies and institutions that could have been otherwise pulled off by the hackers for their own ill legal and selfish purpose. The credibility, reliance and availability depend on WAN abbreviated for Wide Area Network. As it is said, “prevention is better than cure” therefore precautions should be taken in order to protect the information from being destroyed or misused. These precaution measures depend on hardware and the number of algorithms employed. Nowadays people prefer to store the information on cloud rather in gadgets because the cloud provides no limit to store the data. The user can store the records as much as he wants. Cloud storage lets the user to immediately access to the resources of even another organisation through web service interface. The first cloud computing services were launched by Apple i cloud. Apple is completely focussed with its consumers’ security and protection whether it is i tune, safari, apple store right from the very beginning. It provides such substance that gives security so that no hacker and no virus can distort or hack the device and information. Following these features, other companies also launched their clouds such as MI phones also launched; it has become convenient for the user to save the required information without being anxious to lose it for the life long period.

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