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No No Oil Dosa Tawa PowerPoint Presentation
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No No Oil Dosa Tawa

No No Oil Dosa Tawa

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No No Oil Dosa Tawa

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  1. No No Oil Dosa Tawa

  2. No No Oil Dosa Tawa No No Oil Dosa Tawa is a product especially developed for Indian cooking by Telebuy! It has a pearl white ceramic coating on solid aluminium alloy body. Unlike the regular non-stick cookware, this dosa tawa does not contain any carcinogenic PTFE / PFOA chemicals, making it the ideal tawa for your daily requirement of delicious dosas, egg omelettes and chapatis. As the name suggests, the No No Oil Dosa Tawa exhibits such extraordinary non-stick capabilities, it needs no oil at all, ensuring you are doing healthy cooking. Even cleaning it is completely hassle-free!

  3. Specifications • White ceramic coated Dosa Tawa with molded bakelite handle.  • Tawa size: 280mm  • I nductionBase! 

  4. No No Oil Dosa Tawa

  5. Description • Made of heavy duty food grade aluminium alloy, the No No Oil Dosa Tawa has honeycomb designed stainless steel mesh induction bottom! • This helps in uniform dispersion of heat and eliminates hot spots. You always get smooth golden brown dosas in a jiffy! • What's more? With this non stick tawa, you save big on your energy bills because does not waste energy. • It absorbs, retains and transfers heat directly to the food cooked.

  6. How To Use • Before First Use: Wash with liquid soap & wipe clean.• Before Every Use: Season the Tawa.• What is Seasoning? Pour a few drops of cooking oil onto the ceramic coating, spread it all over the surface, and wipe off with clean dry cloth / tissue.• Never use metal utensils. Use only wooden or nylon spoons/spatulas made for nonstickware when cooking on this tawa.• Never use a knife or any sharp edged utensil on the tawa!• Never pour water on the No No Oil Dosa Tawa when hot. Let it cool to room temperature before washing.• When storing, never stack or place other utensil on the ceramic coating.• Never use chemicals, powder, Scotchbrite / steel wool to clean. Use only liquid soap with a sponge or nylon scrubber.

  7. Features • No oil required to cook!• Cooks fast and saves energy!• Completely free of PTFE and PFOA!• Even heat distribution - no hot spots!• Ergonomic Bakelite handles• Heavy gauge aluminium alloy with induction base!• Highly durable, eco-friendly ceramic coating in white color!• Cooks on gas stove, induction stove and electric or ceramic stove!• Very easy to clean!

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