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Sherwood Newkirk-Business Owner PowerPoint Presentation
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Sherwood Newkirk-Business Owner

Sherwood Newkirk-Business Owner

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Sherwood Newkirk-Business Owner

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  1. Sherwood Newkirk, Business Owner Sherwood Newkirk is a business owner in the town of Knightdale, North Carolina. His business is called Sherwood Cleaning Service and it has been operating under his watch for over twenty years. Newkirk has applied sound principles, dedication, and customer satisfaction to the formula of success for his business and that has showed through his dedicated base of clients for all these years.

  2. Sherwood Newkirk, Cleaning up Knightdale Sherwood Newkirk runs a cleaning business based out of Knightdale, North Carolina. He has been in operation for over twenty years since first assuming control of the family business. Newkirk has a long roster of satisfied residential and commercial clients from delivering great service over the years. He is a local success story and a contributor to the community of Knightdale.

  3. Sherwood Newkirk, Motorcycle Mania Sherwood Newkirk has been a fan of motorcycles as long as he can remember. He started riding many years ago, yet his love of the open road and two-wheel adventures shows no signs of abating. One of his favorite activities is getting in a long ride on an open country road among the hills, coast and countryside of North Carolina.

  4. Sherwood Newkirk, Cars and Cars Sherwood Newkirk loves cars. Newkirk follows cars events and news from throughout the country. Everything from car shows, to auto celebrity figures, to announcements from Detroit, he follows auto design and performance with the zeal of what can only be described as a true fan. Newkirk also follows news about supercars and European performance cars like the vehicles that come from BMW, Jaguar, and Mercedes.

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