why should you purchase a motor insurance n.
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Why should you purchase a Motor Insurance? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why should you purchase a Motor Insurance?

Why should you purchase a Motor Insurance?

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Why should you purchase a Motor Insurance?

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  1. Why should you purchase a Motor Insurance?

  2. People spend a lot of money on buying a vehicle and maintaining it. Some people buy their vehicles and never expect to ever crash it or even think that their car would ever be stolen, but many people buy motor insurance because in the case of theft or a crash they have peace of mind knowing that their motor insurance will cover the cost of most of the damage received by the car. • In the case a person does not have motor insuranceand damages his vehicle then that person is liable for all damages to the vehicle and in the worst case scenario he would have to buy a new car.

  3. A person should take the trouble to buy motor insurance because it protects a person from being liable for damages received to the vehicle • Motor insurance is very practical because there are many insurance companies that will help people insuring their cars or any motor vehicles. Motor insuranceonline is the way to apply for renewal or even buy one.

  4. To purchase motor insurance, people must pay a certain amount of premium to the insurance company which is decided according to the total value of the car for a period of one year or for a period of time decided by the company. • It is very important to purchase motor insurance even if no major damage happens to their vehicle because it does keep people calm knowing that in the event of such incident the insurance company will step up to help.

  5. Motor insurance also helps companies to function effectively as companies do not have to buy vehicles all the time. • Different insurance companies give different offers, plans and premiums to people and all insurance companies are obligated to insure those who have paid for their premium. • Motor insurance covers all types of motor vehicles like Cars, Motor Bikes and Trucks and insurance premium is decided on the value of the vehicle.