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Nims Middle school

Nims Middle school

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Nims Middle school

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  1. Nims Middle school FACEBOOK!

  2. What is Facebook? • Social Networking site that has been around since 2004. • Founded by Mark Zuckerberg when he was just a sophomore in college. • A social networking site is an internet based site that allows users to interact, share, ideas, events and interests with others on the Internet. • Can be viewed locally or globally

  3. Evolution of Facebook • Facebook • Old Facebook Profile Makeup • 2006 • 2007 • 2009

  4. Benefits of Facebook • Users are able to share a multitude of information to their friends, other users, and family members. • Some other uses that Facebook has a history of: Assist Law Enforcement Agencies to arrest criminals. Used for Public Relations (Athletes, Actors, Musicians, Political Figures, etc....) Used to find lost friends and family that you can no longer get ahold of. Share pictures and videos.

  5. Downfalls of Facebook • No certainty of privacy since it is on the internet. • People who you don’t want to be found by can find you. • People can steal your information. • Parents can see what you are doing every time change information, upload an image or video on your page.

  6. Facebook Funnies • With Facebook you could also show yourself how uneducated or how much you lack common sense by some of the posts that you post. • People always have grammatical errors or errors in spellings on their pages that it makes them look like they are uneducated. • People always post crazy pictures or videos of themselves that are not meant for everyone.

  7. Funnies Cont’d • Funny 1 • Funny 2 • Funny 3 • Funny 4

  8. Downfalls Broken Down • Privacy • When you put stuff on the Internet there is essentially no security. • Even though you log into a supposedly secure server, there is the chance that someone can hack into and steal information. • There is even a chance of someone creating a rogue facebook site and steal your password and information.

  9. Downfalls Cont’d • Stealing of Information • If you do not hide your information there is a chance that criminals can profile you. • With this information criminals can either rob, assault, or steal identity from yourself or you family members. • If you do not hide your information people that you do not want to be found by ie…Ex’s, Family, Friends, Employers, Law Enforcement.

  10. Downfalls Cont’d • Parents can see what you are doing. • Why is this important? • Although some children tell their parents a lot of private information, some tend to not tell them everything. • If you put it on Facebook there is a good chance that when they feel their children are not being truthful they look up their profile on Facebook.

  11. Summary • So what have we learned • Facebook has a lot of benefits • Facebook has a lot of downfalls • Most importantly we must be aware of what we put on the internet.

  12. Questions?