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By Truc Ngo

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By Truc Ngo

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  1. Dinosaurs For You By Truc Ngo

  2. Essential Question What do you know about dinosaurs?

  3. Objectives • Objective 1:TLW identify the three eras in which the dinosaurs lived and tell the approximate date of each. • Objective 2:TLW use Paint to create a dinosaur of choice, identifying the era in which it lived and whether it is an herbivore or carnivore. • Objective 3:TLW create a Wordle of the eighteen different dinosaurs that they have researched, including at least four facts found about them. • Objective 4:TLW classify herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs into two separate categories. • Objective 5:TLW describe the different types of fossils that scientists have found while excavating dinosaur remains.

  4. Summary In this unit we are studying about dinosaurs. We will be identifying the three eras of dinosaurs: Triassic era, Jurassic era, and Cretaceous era. We will identify herbivores as well as carnivores that lived in each of the three dinosaur eras. Of course we will gather a few facts about each dinosaur we encounter. We will also learn about the different types of fossils that paleontologists have found.

  5. Assessments • Objective 1:The teacher will use a rubric to view and grade the brochures that the students have created, making sure the three eras are accurately identified and correctly dated, with pictures in each era. • Objective 2: The students will be given a worksheet with the word “herbivore” labeled on one side and the word “carnivore” labeled on the other side. The students are to draw five different types of plants on the side labeled “herbivore” and five different types of meat on the side labeled “carnivore”. • Objective 3: The students will be given a worksheet on which the students will write or draw the name of three dinosaurs and one fact for each dinosaur. • Objective 4: The students will be given a matching quiz with the names of ten dinosaurs in one column and a picture of a plant and a picture of a piece of meat in the second column. The students will be expected to accurately connect eight out of ten dinosaurs to the picture of the meat if it is a carnivore or the picture of the plant if it is an herbivore. • Objective 5: The students will be given a matching quiz with the names of the fossils in one column and a description on the fossils in the second column. The students are expected to accurately match each fossil to its description.

  6. I learned… • …how to create a webpage • …how to add background to a webpage • …websites that can be used to create word searches and puzzles • …how to create a brochure in Microsoft Publisher • …how to create and write a newsletter • …that students are using computers in school at a much younger age than I thought possible • …that students are now in the “digital age” and old-fashioned instructional methods may not be effective with them