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Elementary Education Licensure talk PowerPoint Presentation
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Elementary Education Licensure talk

Elementary Education Licensure talk

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Elementary Education Licensure talk

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  1. Elementary Education Licensure talk Nov 6, 2018, 7 p.m. Rm 2 Education

  2. CoTE introduction • Oversee all things related to licensure • Here tonight to talk about process of actually getting licensed. • Obtain license as soon as you can!!!!-Regardless of other plans (grad school, Peace Corp, etc). • Not protected against ISBE changes • Other state certification will likely hinge on Illinois licensure first • You may apply even if you haven’t passed all your tests yet (I know which ones to look for)

  3. Applying for license: • Log onto your student portal • Scroll down to “Prior to Licensure” and then under “Licensure Application” click on the “here” in “Click here to apply” • App will ask if your are registered for or previously done student teaching. • If you have to answer no, You should not proceed. • If you can answer yes, click “yes” and then click “submit” • Click on “Click here to add an application for licensure”

  4. Email address-Use your most often used, most reliable email account. Do not use your UIUC account (it goes away) • Cell phone number • Degree type • Degree period (should correlate with the term you are finishing-if not, enter the latter). • Major (should pull down/default to appropriate one). Select it. • License (also should default) Select it

  5. Endorsements • You’ll all be endorsed in Elementary Education (Self-contained general education) (Grades 1-6) • Foreign Language endorsements, ESL, and Bilingual Education must be applied through ISBE AFTER you claim your license. • If you forward your clinical hours to me, I can scan them and enter them into your ELIS account (under “images”) • Unless you already hold middle grade endorsements (through a different license), you’ll need to go through an approved middle grade program to eligible for these.

  6. Comments • Allows you to convey information that the application does not otherwise allow for. • Example: “I am taking a course at Parkland (GEOL 104) to complete a general education requirement“ • Signature (must “sign” (check box)) stating you understand your responsibilities) • Must click on the “submit” button (if you don’t, all your prior efforts will be wasted). • Once you submit, you can’t go back. Don’t try to submit a second application. Contact me for changes/corrections.

  7. The next day, you should receive an email which says the CoTE has received your application. Your student portal should reflect this as well. • After students can no longer register for classes, I will begin auditing applications based on DARS report or the graduate audit completed earlier. • Undergrads: YOU should also run a DARS report for yourself. Don’t ignore the advice of your adviser. • Grads-review the audit we provided and check that everything is complete (or in progress)

  8. Everything accounted for? I will put application in pending file until end of spring or summer term End of final semester processing (things I’ll be looking for): • Mandated reporter training • Early Field Experience hours (at least 80). (you can check Student portal for accuracy) • Student Teaching Time Report • Be accurate and fairly descriptive. This is only record we will have of your Student teaching (directions on student portal). • Safety Training

  9. Departmental Recommendation • Will come from Jay Mann if you meet all responsibilities • Tests • Content test in Elementary Education (Grades 1-6) • EdTPA • Undergrads. Degree (must appear on transcripts!!!) • Spring graduates – late May to mid June 2019 • Summer grads – Late summer 2019 • Contact your records officer in the College of Education (Hannah Rogers) if you need to be licensed immediately for a summer job OR, for summer grads, employment in the fall.

  10. You must request your UIUC transcripts be sent to ISBE • • Request that they be sent AFTER the current semester DEGREE’S have been recorded • Send them to the Educator Licensure Division at the Illinois State Board of Education. • You can request that they be sent by paper or electronically (we don’t care) • The transcript office will send you a confirmation to your email address that they’ve received your request • Forward this confirmation to me at • There are directions for this in the links section of our website-ostensibly under “How to Order Transcripts” • Would rather you NOT wait until you actually graduate before you do this. But, again, request held until degrees post.

  11. Claiming your license with ISBE • We will send an email to the address you provided. • Will provide a link to the ISBE website with instructions • (Here is an ISBE tutorial worth checking out: • Log onto your account (make sure it is the correct one. Don’t create an “extra” one!) • Follow steps. • Be prepared to pay by credit card • ISBE requires that you answer a survey before you can claim your license.

  12. After you claim your license, you will need to register your license with a district • If you forget, ISBE should send you an email instructing you to register your PEL • Registration will be in the “action center” on your main ELIS page after you claim your license. • If you have a job lined up, use that district. Otherwise, use your permanent or parents address. • Be sure to register your license somewhere (anywhere). If you do not, after 6 months it will become “lapsed.” • Lapsed licenses will require that you take additional coursework or pay ISBE $$$

  13. Testing (more information) • Be sure to send your scores to UIUC. • Be sure your SSN is accurate and all identifying information matches what ELIS has for you • Errors may delay licensure (Much wailing and gnashing of teeth) • Can check your tests on Student portal to ensure tests have been received • Keep test scores forever (or longer) • May need them for out for grad school • May need them for Out-of-State licensure. • You can get your scores later but it will cost you time and money)

  14. What you will have: • You are going to receive a “Professional Educator License” (PEL) • Endorsed in Elementary Education-Self-contained general education (1-6) • “Types”, etc., have gone away HOWEVER if an application insists upon using antiquated nomenclature, say you are (or have) completed an initial type-03 certificate

  15. ISBE does not mail paper copies of licenses • On your main page in ELIS you can print your credentials (OR) • Any school district or agency with your first and last name can do a “public search” in the ELIS/Educator Credentials site • License “validity” is 5 fiscal years • When you register your license, you will pay for 5 fiscal years • Be sure to renew your license in 5 years or it will become “lapsed.” • Can renew your license on the same website (ELIS/Educator credentials) where you claimed it. • Keep your email address current in ELIS

  16. Licensure in other states • Likely will require Licensure in Illinois first • Other states may have program verification form. • Send form to CoTE to fill out. • if it is before you graduate, we’ll hold onto it until we can fill it out. • “U.S. Teacher Licensure Offices” under “Links” in • If you ask us how to get licensed in another state, we’ll likely refer you to this link for information on contacting the respective states.

  17. Contact information • Jeff Buck • Location: 1310 S. Sixth Street (Education Bldg), Rm 130 • Website: • Email • ( • Include UIN • Urgent timely matters? Don’t use email. • No appointments scheduled by email. Call office (217) 333-2804