three dimensional computer animation n.
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Three-Dimensional Computer Animation PowerPoint Presentation
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Three-Dimensional Computer Animation

Three-Dimensional Computer Animation

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Three-Dimensional Computer Animation

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  1. Three-Dimensional Computer Animation Erli Ling

  2. Introduction • Animation all moving imagery involves a sequence of still images played back quickly enough for your eye to see them as continuous still images are produced individually is known as animation

  3. Computer-generated animation the impact of this goes well beyond what you normally think of as animation. it also used to produce movie special effects, video games, scientific simulations, architectural walk-throughs.

  4. Techniques • Traditional techniques • The most basic technique: to draw and then photograph each frame one by one • Technical advances made: the use of transparent sheets (cels), onto which were painted different layers of a scene

  5. Computer techniques • The first program developed in NYIT focused on two-dimensional animation and enabled the animator to produce automatically what are called the “in-between” frames. • The next step entailed applying this same principle to three-dimensional animation.

  6. The computer automatically generated the in-between positions and rendered each position as a frame of animation. • Today three-dimensional computer animation is no longer limited to mimicking the techniques of traditional cel animation

  7. Basic steps • Storyboard a sequence of images and verbal descriptions describing the intended animation 3D storyboard sample

  8. Modeling developing a mathematical, wireframe representation of any 3D object via specialized software

  9. Rendering the computer processes the three-dimensional data that define your model to produce flat, two-dimensional representations of the model see-through wireframe-> hidden-line-> shaded rendering

  10. Animation a series of still images that, when played back in quick succession, appear as continuously moving much of 3D CG is based on key-framing approach • postproduction compositing + editing

  11. 3D video demos • Jinghua City View • Music • Pixar production • Animator vs Animation • Chicken • 3D water • Bear golf • 3ds max tutorial

  12. Conclusion • The basic steps to produce 3D computer animation design and planning -> modeling the shape of an object -> rendering the surface of an object, the lighting, the use of the camera -> animating -> postproduction

  13. Apply animation, television-commercial graphics, feature-film market. Industrial designer, architects, interior designer, sculptor, biologist, chemist, medical professionals

  14. Software • Most popular 3D modelers: 3D studio Max, Alias, Blender (open source), Maya, LightWave • Free modelers available via the Internet: Blender, Wings 3D, K-3D, SmoothTeddy, SketchUp See more here

  15. The end Thank you!