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Bacteria. MICROBIOLOGY. Essential Question :. How does bacteria affect humans? Pros and Cons… . Helpful vs. Harmful. *foods *medicines *digestion *environment *pest killers *land formations *list is ENDLESS!. *cause disease *spoil foods. 99%. What % of all bacteria are helpful?.

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  1. Bacteria MICROBIOLOGY

  2. Essential Question: How does bacteria affect humans? Pros and Cons…

  3. Helpful vs. Harmful *foods *medicines *digestion *environment *pest killers *land formations *list is ENDLESS! *cause disease *spoil foods

  4. 99% What % of all bacteria are helpful? Bonus Buck Question

  5. In just 6 days... Flesh Eating Bacteria Less than 1% is harmful

  6. A. Facts 1. Microscopic prokaryotes 2. Unicellular BACTERIA Structure of Bacterium

  7. What Kingdom? Kingdom Monera Bonus Buck Question

  8. 3. Most numerous organisms on Earth 4. First forms of life on Earth A. Facts BACTERIA

  9. Which was ___ years ago? 3.5 billion Bonus Buck Question

  10. 5. Bacterial infections are USUALLY localized at a single point in the body • Examples: • Strep throat • Urinary tract infections • Most ear infections • Some sinus infections A. Facts Antibiotics CAN KILL bacteria IF the bacteria are not resistant.

  11. Antibiotic Drugs that combat bacteria by interfering with various cellular functions.

  12. B. Shapes... 2. BACILLUS R O D S 1. COCCUS sphere 3. SPIRILLUM spiral

  13. Streptococcus Strep Throat Shape?

  14. Escherichia coli - e.coli Shape? Rod - Bacillus

  15. Bacillus anthracis Death from anthrax is due to oxygen depletion Shape? Shape?

  16. Cholera Shape? Spiral - Spirillum Intestinal infection caused by ingestion of contaminated food or water.

  17. Reproduction • MOST bacteria reproduce by BINARY FISSION

  18. One healthy bacterium could reproduce into a colony of more than 2 _?_, in just seven hours. hundred thousand million billion

  19. Oxygen Relationships 1. Obligate Aerobe - require oxygen to live 2. Obligate Anaerobe - complete absence of oxygen 3. Facultative Anaerobe - either or

  20. Fun Facts! There are more bacterial cells in your body than there are human cells. Scientists estimate that bacteria produce nearly half the oxygen found in the atmosphere

  21. There are more microbes on your body than there are humans on the entire planet. An area of skin as small as 6.5 square cm (1 square inch) may be home to more than half a million microbes.

  22. Microbe Webquest!

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