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Filtrationfiltration and Heat Transfer Equipment PowerPoint Presentation
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Filtrationfiltration and Heat Transfer Equipment

Filtrationfiltration and Heat Transfer Equipment

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Filtrationfiltration and Heat Transfer Equipment

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  1. Welcometo Advanced Filtration Company was founded in 1993 as a privately owned engineering representative for manufacturers of filtration, separation and heat transfer equipment. In the intervening years we have honed the company into a resourceful entity for customers to rely on when seeking solutions to the challenges presented in their production and plant utility processes.  These challenges could be technical and/ or economical in nature. Advanced Filtration

  2. "T" Type Basket Strainers J.D. Cousins fabricates T- type basket strainers, which are heavily utilized in the chemical market. This product line is useful in other markets, so we are now custom making them for a variety of customers. We are able to adapt them to meet your requirements. In addition to quality custom work, we can promise quick delivery, usually within 7-10 working days. Consider J. D. Cousins for your strainer needs. JDC fabricated T-type basket strainers can be designed to your specification application in all materials from 1.5" to 24" pipe sizes and any ANSI rating. When ordering or pricing please use our data sheet.

  3. Fabricated Basket Strainers

  4. Heat Exchangers About Heat Exchangers J.D. Cousins provides both thermal and mechanical design services, and also constructs all types of shell and tube exchangers. Consider us when pressure, temperature, size or materials fall outside standard lines or when special requirements are needed.

  5. Steam Condensers About Steam Condensers J.D. Cousins’ skid-mounted equipment can be pre-piped and wired to meet your system requirements. Components may include, but are not limited to, structural skid base, condenser, condensate pumps, air removal equipment, piping and valves, controls and instrumentation. We specialize in designs that will minimize handling and field installation. Savings in labor and simplification of project scheduling can be expected.

  6. Contact Us :- Advanced Filtration 25A ARNOLD BLVD. PO BOX 324 HOWELL, NJ, USA TEL: 732-901-6676