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First Class please sign in

First Class please sign in

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First Class please sign in

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  1. First Classplease sign in Psychology I Mrs. Rebecca Allen

  2. General information • Northwest Mississippi Community College – Desoto Center • Psy1513/ General Psychology I • Fall Term 2013 • Instructor: Mrs. Rebecca Allen • Office: 321 Desoto Center • Phone: NWCC 662-280-6131 • E-mail: • Web site (contains syllabus, homework, and notes): •

  3. Required materials • Required Textbook: • Psychology: Modules for Active Learning, Coon & Mittner, 12th Ed. • Required Materials • Scan-tron blanks (4 total) and pencil for each test. • Book for round table discussion

  4. grades • Grading Policy: • 10% Homework • 40% Tests • 20% Book Review Poster & Round Table • 30% Comprehensive Final Exam • Grading Scale: • A 90-100% • B 80-89% • C 70-79% • D 60-69% • F 0-59%

  5. Coursework - homework • Homework (10% of Final Average) • Homework assignments will be posted on Canvas on the home page. Assignments must be completed on Canvas to receive credit. • The purpose of the homework is to motivate you to prepare for class by reading the text. I recommend that you work on the assignment offline before posting to canvas; a hard copy can be printed from my Teacherweb site for this purpose. For “fill in the blank” questions it is usually best to “cut & paste” from the Teacherweb copy to avoid errors. • To submit your work, answer questions on Canvas as directed. You will have 3 chances to complete each homework; feedback on correct and incorrect answers will be provided at each submission so you know what to fix.. • Keep original to use for study. • Canvas will immediately grade your work upon submission; the highest grade will be kept. • Late work will not be accepted, you will have 1 drop grade to accommodate absence from class, poor performance or other issue. •

  6. Coursework - tests • Tests (40% of Final Average) • Tests (3 total) will cover information listed in the agenda • Any information from homework, notes, or discussion may be on the test • You will be allowed to drop one test grade to accommodate for absences, emergencies, or just plain bad days! • Make up tests will not be given

  7. Coursework – book report/round table discussion • Individual Book Presentation Project & Round Table Discussion (20% of Final Average) • Students may choose a book from the approved book list, or bring a book of their choosing for approval.Book must be psychological in nature and non-fiction (includes self-help books, books about psychological issues or careers, biographies of prominent psychologists, and books with a psychologically influential nature). • You will present your book in a round table discussion format. You must have a completed visual tool for your presentation.This tool can be in the form of a poster, handout, short formal book report, group activity, or any media that suits you. • Your visual aid must include in a clear and visible format (notes on scrap paper will not be accepted): • Book Title & Author • Synopsis • Psychological principals present in the book • Positive influences on your thoughts or perceptions • Negative influences on your thoughts or perceptions • Would you recommend to others • You must be present for the discussion to receive full credit for the project. • Book report grade may not be dropped

  8. Coursework – final exam • Final Exam (30% of Final Average) • Exam will include all information covered in the course • A study guide is posted to guide your preparation • Final exam grade may not be dropped

  9. Absences, make-up work, etc • Absences: The attendance policy as stated in the Student Guide states that classes that meet 3 days a week have 6 allowed absences, classes that meet 2 days a week have 4 allowed absences, classes that meet one day per week are allowed 2 absences; you will receive an F after your maximum number of absences. Save your absences for something important! • Make-up Work: As a rule late work will not be accepted. All due dates are clearly stated on the course outline and agenda, and you have drop grades to accommodate an emergency • Changes to the Agenda: The instructor reserves the right to add or delete items in the agenda in the interest of enhanced learning or to accommodate emergency weather closings. As much advanced warning as possible will be given before changes are made. • Withdraw Deadlines: October 25 (pass/fail); December 6 (pass only)

  10. Other expectations • Be on time. • Prepare – Participate – THINK – Evaluate – STUDY – Commit • Don’t whine; suggest a solution if you have a problem. • Please use proper speech when communicating in writing. Remember email and other forms of written communication are a permanent reflection of your professionalism and maturity, please make the right impression!

  11. Please don’t send this, My head will blow up from the confusion! • Ms alan • can u give me them 5 ptsi missed on my paper cus i really need a good grade and u r nice my gpa low and need 2 b high k • cool • me

  12. Try this • Mrs. Allen • I am in your Monday night Psychology class and need some help. I had trouble submitting my homework on blackboard and can not find my grade. • Please check my account and send advice. • Thank you. • Student B

  13. General Procedures • Familiarize yourself with the Student Guide and be prepared to follow all published rules and regulations. Pay special attention to the following • Code for student conduct • Cheating/Plagiarism • Classroom Etiquette *** NOTE Silence cell phones and store out of sight, text messaging or other distractions are not acceptable. Emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis. • NO Smoking on campus grounds • Dress code • A tablet or computer may be used for class materials • Use proper manners at all times. Treat all faculty, staff, and students will the highest respect. • Communicate!

  14. Emergency procedures • Familiarize yourself with the Campus Emergency Procedures in the Student Guide. • In the case of severe weather during class, we will proceed as a group to the basement of the Desoto Center building. Please stay in a group so I can be sure you have all made it safely. • In the case of fire during class, we will proceed as a group to exit the Desoto Center building. Please stay in a group, or find the group after you have made it out of the building, so I can be sure you have all made it out safely. • In the case of a person with a weapon, close and barricade door, turn off lights and cell phones. Prepare for defense if needed, stay out of range if possible • In case of possible school closing, listed to your local radio or news program for Desoto County closings, check or my Teacherweb. If the school is open class will be in session!