ums new termination pear process n.
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UMS New Termination PEAR Process PowerPoint Presentation
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UMS New Termination PEAR Process

UMS New Termination PEAR Process

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UMS New Termination PEAR Process

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  1. UMS New Termination PEAR Process Overview Termination Actions and Reasons UMS Custom Fields New PEAR Actions Custom actions based on termination type New Separation Form layout

  2. Overview • E-Submission of Separations will now follow the same process as the New Hire and Assignment change process within UMS. • Approval of funding • Department approval routing when necessary • Submission to HR routing group by PEAR officer • We will be introducing the following changes/updates: • New and improved Separation form, which is launched from the Personnel Funding document. • New custom fields to aide in completing the Separation form. • New Assignment reasons • Reasons are now linked to specific actions. • A new action – ‘Rehire’ with corresponding reasons.

  3. Termination Actions New Actions include: Term – Involuntary, Term – Voluntary, Term – Retirement and Term – Miscellaneous. A Separation form is created by selecting any Term - action. This form should be previewed previous to routing for validation.

  4. New Termination Reasons The selection of a Term action will provide the associated termination reasons.

  5. UMS Custom Fields Choose HR Tab for new termination-specific custom fields

  6. UMS Custom Fields • All fields are not required for all actions. • Refer to HR documentation for required fields. • Information not provided will result in rejection of form. Preview the printed form for data validation before submission. • Enter “0” in Hours field if N/A

  7. Custom Fields based on Termination Action Agency list provided for ease of use

  8. New Separation Form Print preview to view your termination form prior to submission. Section II must be completed. Use zero for no value, blank will not be accepted. Change funding source for leave payout if different from UDAK on record. Otherwise, funding info not required. Custom fields associated with term reasons will display in red when not completed. Separation approval signature will follow same process as all other PEARs.

  9. Termination Back-Up Documentation Use the Attachments Tab to attach and route applicable documentation • Add attachment screen shot

  10. New PEAR Actions Addition of new action – Rehire Addition of new Assignment Change to replace the X actions.

  11. Terminations in UMS Questions?